Letters to the Editor, Sept. 21

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Republicans resurrect 'The Know Nothings'

I think we should now call the Republican Party “The Know Nothings,” as one political party was known in the late 1840s and 1850s.

Many Republicans still do not believe that “climate change” is happening, even though the planet is on fire, horrible storms with major flooding. The glaciers are melting at record pace across the world.

There are more than 650,000 dead Americans from the COVID-19 virus and counting. We can blame many deaths on Trump Republicans who apparently still think the virus is a hoax and won’t get the proven vaccine. They would rather believe some quack doctor or Fox News and take a horse dewormer medication. Or maybe believe a proven serial liar in Trump, than the real truth. You can go to any political website to verify that Trump exaggerated, misstated or flat out lied some 30,000 times during his four years in office. Has to be a world record.

These are the same people who believe the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from Trump, and some of the same people were at the insurrection on Jan. 6.

E.L. “Bud” Ruff, Naples

Act would put women’s health above politics

On Sept. 17 we are reminded of the promise of our Constitution to provide equal rights and protections for all. We cannot allow politicians to break that promise to millions of women by enacting laws that make an end-run around the Constitution and disregard a woman’s ability to make her own personal health care decisions. A woman’s ability to exercise her constitutional right to end a pregnancy safely and legally should not be determined by virtue of her ZIP code.

We need a federal law that puts women’s health, safety and rights before politics.

The Women’s Health Protection Act would uphold the constitutional right of every woman in the U.S. to end a pregnancy safely and legally with dignity, regardless of where she happens to live. By keeping politicians out of our personal health care decisions, the bill would ensure that abortion services remain available and that abortion providers are not singled out for medically unwarranted restrictions that harm women by preventing them from accessing safe, legal, high-quality care.

It is essential that Congress pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to ensure that each woman can make decisions based on her personal values, the advice of the medical professionals she trusts, and what’s right for her family.

Jane Schlechtweg, Marco Island

General Milley needs to go

If it’s true, when a man in General Milley’s position begins making phone calls to foreign leaders based only on figments of baseless paranoia, he is a menace and needs to go.

It is not Milley’s job to conduct diplomacy. It is never a good thing for the military to subvert the legal authority of the commander in chief. Any president of the United States must have the loyalty of the republic’s military.

Giving the enemy information about our military plans, or lack thereof, is illegal.

Lou Walker, Cape Coral

Representative’s threat out of line

When did it become OK for a member of the Florida House to threaten the employee of a board of elected constitutional officers? How does a member of the Florida House get to direct the governor or the governor’s administrative arm (DOE) to take action against that employee? If a member of the Florida House has a law degree, (s)he should be aware that only the school board may terminate the employment of a superintendent.

Cathleen Morgan, Bonita Springs

Congressman wrong on virus claims

Congressman Byron Donalds’ Sept. 6 You Tube rambling about masks on OAN has been removed. The congressman, in his anti-mask rant, claimed children are highly resistant to COVID-19. Wrong! The data show that children are increasingly vulnerable to both COVID-19 and the delta variant virus.

Representing a district where we saw the worst supply lines of COVID-19 vaccination supplies across the state, the congressman needs to stop his “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to public policy. After working for three months to get the vaccination, I flew to Illinois and got Moderna vaccinations on April 9 and May 7. My neighbors were driving to different locations around the state.

Congressman Donalds, with no medical training, chose to advise the Lee County School Board on vaccination policies. He claimed children cannot wear masks for a host of reasons that really reflected the fact he did not know where to buy masks for children and there was an offer to send him some.

The congressman needs to go to a health setting and comfort a family while an unvaccinated loved one dies as he/she tells family members to get vaccinated!

Robert Culbertson, Fort Myers

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