Letters to the Editor, Dec. 28

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Marco residents plan candlelight vigil Jan. 6

A year after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Marco Island citizens send a message that peaceful voters, not violent mobs, must decide elections.

A candlelight vigil will be held at 6 p.m. on Jan. 6, among more than 100 events across the country.

Jan. 6 marks one year since violent militants attacked the U.S. Capitol and tried to obstruct and overturn the presidential election. They were incited by the former president and his allies who spread lies about the election. One year later, the same forces are working to restrict the freedom to vote and quietly preparing future attempts to sabotage free and fair elections. For example, here in Florida, Gov. DeSantis signed S.B. 90 into law last May, restricting voting by mail, making registration more difficult, and modifying rules for observers that could make it easier for them to disrupt the administration of elections.

On Thursday, Jan. 6, Americans across race, place, party and background are holding candlelight vigils to say: In America, the voters decide the outcome of elections. To prevent this kind of attack from happening again, advocates around the country are demanding that elected leaders pass urgent legislation including the Freedom to Vote Act, the Protecting Our Democracy Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and DC Statehood. This event in Marco Island is one of more than 100 events that will take place across the country, including at the U.S. Capitol.

A group of Marco Island and Collier County citizens will gather at North Collier Boulevard at Bluebird Avenue Jan. 6 from 6-7 p.m.

Citizens will stand in silent vigil, many offering silent prayers, as a witness for free and fair democracy and against insurrection, disinformation, and voter suppression.

Brian McLaren, Marco Island

Governor’s authoritarian style 

No one can claim surprise at Gov. DeSantis’ 'Anti-Woke' proposal. His management style is strongly authoritarian, expecting employees to follow his decisions exactly and without question. He has made clear that those who question or challenge are quickly silenced, removed, or threatened with punishment – his favorite is withholding salary or benefits.

He claims that his decisions are based on his strong belief in 'Freedom.' However, if you replace the word 'freedom' with 'power' the intent of his actions becomes very clear. The pursuit of freedom becomes a bludgeon that seeks freedom to pursue one’s own destiny while denying the same for others. Look at the language in the anti-woke message. It is clear that he wants to criminalize, penalize and disenfranchise others so that he and his followers can experience their personal freedom. But he is untroubled that his actions seek to silence, discount and dismiss anyone who is not in agreement. That in America is not freedom!

Patricia Howard, Naples 

Goodwill on display

After Mass on Christmas Eve, my husband and I along with another couple decided to go to the Marco Island Brewery for dinner.

Due to a medical episode one of our friends experienced, it was necessary for the waitress to call for the paramedics and police.

In a short period of time County EMS and Marco Island Officers arrived on scene and provided exemplary assistance.

It can be said that our dinners were excellent as was the service; however, the genuine concern, kindness , and prompt response exhibited by both the ownership and staff were beyond commendable.

My purpose in mentioning the church service was simply to note how we experienced  what the evangelist Luke referenced as goodwill towards men on that holy night.

Please consider patronizing this fine establishment.

Regina L. Dayton, Marco Island

No mandate for Build Back Better

The hysteria following Sen. Joe Manchin’s refusal to back President Joe Biden’s massive social spending bill is not widespread. The progressive left is keening, and the mainstream media is distraught. But most people just shrug.

The fact is the president never had a mandate for such a radical all-in-one spending bonanza. The Congress is almost evenly divided, with all Republicans opposed. Polls show little support for spendthrift measures and even less support for Biden. There is no mandate for Build Back Better and there never was.

And the feigned surprise over Manchin’s position is absurd. He publicly opposed the bill from the beginning, and other Democrat senators had strong reservations. Congressional leaders just never took them seriously.

What happens next? The Democrats should offer up individual pieces of the bill – childcare, then drug pricing, then health care subsidies, then climate change. Be honest about what each will cost long-term. Debate each, then vote each one up or down.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Dave Trecker, North Naples

Social Security offices closed 

I encourage your readers to read the Washington Post article from Dec. 18 about Social Security offices being closed because of the pandemic for now over 600 days. People are hurting from the offices being closed. The article tells real stories of people at their wits end tying to survive because they can’t get into a Social Security office to get the benefits they need for health care, rent, disabilities, survivor benefits, etc. No wonder people are frustrated by government! Take time to write the president and Congress to correct this situation which leads to such suffering.

Chris Corrie, Bonita Springs

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