Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Outside music rules should change

I watched the last Board of Collier County Commissioners meeting where there was discussion related to "outside music venues" and the impact on the nearby residential population.

They are right on regarding the need to review and update current laws and regulations. I live about a quarter of a mile west of Celebration Park and feel compelled to inform all that I can hear music many nights, especially when they have an enthusiastic band. When I say I can hear, it is from my living room when watching TV.

This has been very disruptive to the quality of my life. If you were outside, you can recognize it such that you could sing along, if you weren’t so frustrated by the situation. I can’t imagine how the people living a block away can stand the situation. Three cheers for the commissioners who need to address this problem as nobody ever thought it through when the current rules were made.

Roy Wilson, Naples

Books are not the enemy

Parents across the country are showing up at school board meetings, screaming and threatening school board members, and demanding that certain books be removed from school library shelves.

These books are in plain sight and offer parents the golden opportunity to read the material with their children and discuss it. At exactly the same time, their tech-savvy children are holed up in their bedrooms exploring every twisted sexual perversion on the internet.

Books are not your enemies, parents!

Colette Diegel, Naples

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