Letters to the Editor, April 8

Marco Eagle
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Planning Board erred

Dear City Council members/City Manager McNees, et al: I realize this proposed restaurant has been “tabled” awaiting a traffic study however, I am suggesting that the permit be rescinded, put on an indefinite hold, or at least a resize/rethink/ review be done.

The Planning Board erred in moving this forward and must reconsider their actions! Further, the city of Marco should do its due diligence and review its entire Code/Ordinances before moving forward on this or any other development.  

Long term results?  Marco Island, its voters, taxpayers and their quality of life/lifestyle win. A refreshing change!

The developers can/must create a more acceptable plan. This commercial endeavor does not “fit” the neighborhood where traffic and parking are already stressed.

This constant overdevelopment of commercial interests and activities are detrimental to those who chose Marco Island for its small town appeal.

Respectfully submitted.

Virginia Bingle, Marco Island

Redistricting plans for Bonita

A recent letter about the redistricting plans for Bonita had some errors. It said “districts should be geographically contiguous with each City Council district sharing a common border with the next.  That is not the way District 1 and District 4 are currently configured.

 Alternative 1 has them sharing borders with four other districts. In the other alternatives, D4 only shares a border with three other districts.  

It also said “… by supporting Alternative plans 2 or 3 which will be more diversified by providing opportunities for those who have been basically ignored for all too long.” Alternatives 2 and 3 “pack” the two largest, and perhaps wealthiest, gated communities into one district. It becomes a 95% white district (I'm already horrified at the demographics for the area) and removes incentive for that councilor to get to know, and represent, people from the other neighborhoods.  It might even increase the political power in those two communities since they can support candidates in other districts that support their interests.  

With Alternative 1, every district is diversified with a mix of gated and non-gated communities and varying income levels.  And it is the least disruptive of the 3 alternatives. Alternatives 2 and 3 move over 20,000 people into new districts and prevent over 4000 from voting for their councilor until 2024. Alternative 1 moves 6700 to new districts, but only 592 can’t vote until 2024.  I live in one of the areas that might be moved if Alternatives 2 or 3 are chosen.  Alternative 1 seems to me to be the best choice for Bonita.

Deborah Toy, Bonita Springs

Part of the alt-right conspiracy

There’s an alternative universe where many Americans reside as evidenced by letters to the editor. One writer claimed that Biden declared himself as leader of a new world order. And proceeded to play the old game of Risk in his own world order. Actually, it’s part of the alt-right conspiracy which plays nightly on Fox Entertainment.

Biden was addressing business CEOs at a roundtable in March and said the United States must lead the new world order. Another writer was lambasting the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing and the bad Democrats were so mean to him. After all he was only accused of sexual assault, crying and blaming the far left and of course the classic line 'I like beer.' Judge Jackson took the heat all in stride and acted, well, like a judge. Gotta love those letters.

Laurence Jacks, Estero

Upgrade Naples pedestrian/bicycle corridor

My spouse and I live in the Royal Harbor/Sandpiper Street area across the bay from Old Naples. We often enjoy riding our bicycles to the beach or to tennis in Cambier Park, but the part of that ride along U.S. 41 over the Gordon River (between the Naples Bay Resort and Tin City) is really quite unpleasant. The pedestrian/bicycle space is extremely narrow (as narrow as about 5 feet in sections), and especially with the increase in motorized bicycles, it can be quite dangerous as well. We hope very much that the city planners might consider a significant widening and upgrading of that corridor, at least on the southwest side of U.S. 41 where a majority of the foot and bicycle traffic seems to be.

We love Naples and think that in general the city does an excellent job of being welcoming to residents and visitors alike. We believe an upgrading of this pedestrian/bicycle corridor would make Naples even more welcoming for lots of people. If you agree, please contact the Department of Traffic in the City of Naples.

Gove Effinger, Naples

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