Letters to the Editor, April 19

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

Political acuity?

I recently happened upon an uncommonly interesting and easy-to-read book entitled “The Desecrators” (Schlapp & Hudson).

Its subject dealt with communism, (sometimes called Marxism, Socialism, Equal Justice et al) and its insidious intrusion into our America. I’m not necessarily an advocate for the book or its authors. However, one paragraph it contained seemed to sum up America’s current situation impressively. See if you agree: 

“The (Western civilization) opponents can be recognized by what they want to tear down: the family, traditional morality, gender, public order, public safety, police protection, freedom of speech, religious liberty, abortion restrictions, the military, America, Israel and the Christian religion.”

Does the book’s statement have a familiar political ring? About the only thing overlooked was “student education.” Today’s kids, as you know, are tomorrow’s voters. 

Could it be that naïve Americans are just beginning to see more clearly now?

Russ Colombo, Marco Island

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It is Ukraine, not ‘The Ukraine’

Please, out of respect for Ukrainian people and Ukraine’s sovereignty, stop referring to Ukraine as “The Ukraine.”

The addition of the definite article “the” is simply incorrect and unnerving to many. Ukraine is a sovereign country like France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland and on and on. It is as incorrect to say the France, the Italy, and the Germany as it is to say “The Ukraine.”

In fact, to Ukrainians and those in the know, it is a cringeworthy error. The last thing you want to do writing in support of Ukraine is to insult it in the same sentence.

Before Ukraine became an independent country, it was called “the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.” It was then referred to as “The Ukraine” meaning that part or province of the Soviet Union.

Saying “The Ukraine” is in essence adopting the Russian point of view of Ukraine. “The” is the powerful article that undermines Ukraine’s independence on paper and in the minds of those to whom it matters most.

It does not go unnoticed to Ukrainians — Ukrainians who are giving their life blood for their country and for their coveted independence.

So please, do not let it go unnoticed in your writing about the suffering and sovereign nation of Ukraine.

And when and if you err, there is hope that we can all rely on the final say. This is, after all, a letter to the editor.

Nadia Komarowski, Marco Island

Stepping on Putin

Like everyone else, I am horrified at Putin’s actions and inhumanity to his fellow man. I already donated money to help Ukraine. But I knew I had to do more. And then out of the blue I found my answer while shopping for doormats online. I ordered a “Wipe Your Feet Here” with Putin’s face on it.

So, every time I go in and out of my home I will be stepping on his face. It will make me feel a little better.

Marie Rotunda, Naples

Why gas and oil prices are high

Letters have been published from readers blaming the Biden administration for causing high gas and oil prices by ceasing to issue drilling permits on federal land. These writers appear to misunderstand the situation.

First, only about 10 percent of oil wells in the U.S. are drilled on federal land; most wells are drilled on privately owned or state-owned land, so the actions of the federal government are not a major factor in the number of wells drilled. Moreover, many permits for drilling on federal land have already been issued, and oil companies can legally drill in these locations. In fact, the number of drill rigs operating as of April 1 is 673, up about 57 percent from a year ago. So, many wells are being drilled.

Remember, a couple of years ago, oil was so cheap that drillers lost money on every barrel produced. Many small companies went bankrupt. Oil companies learned their lesson: They do not intend to produce so much oil that they lose money doing so. Equally important, when oil companies went bankrupt, their lenders’ loans were not repaid. Thus, banks are now much less willing to lend money to oil companies. If funding is unavailable, fewer wells will be drilled. Lastly, supply chain problems affect oil companies as well: Many drillers laid off their employees and have difficulty finding workers; fracking requires lots of sand, and some sand companies have gone out of business; the massive quantities of pipe required are not easy to obtain. So, for many reasons, oil companies are not drilling a great many additional wells. This can all be verified by reading actual statements by drillers.

Bottom line: Oil and gasoline prices are likely to stay high for quite some time, but that’s not the fault of the Biden administration. As we live in a capitalist economic system, the actions of the oil companies and their suppliers will be what determine the price of oil.

C. L. Ehn, Naples

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