Letters to the Editor, April 22

Marco Eagle
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Rental registration referendum

Dear Editor and Residents: Twenty five percent of the 8,000 single family homes on Marco Island are being used as short-term rentals.

These rentals are not being regulated and as a result have seen three toddler deaths over the last three years as a result of unsafe locks, up to 20 or more renters in a home rated for six, cars parked all over a neighborhood, noise at all times of the night and much more. Our beaches are crowded, traffic is out of control, and worst of all our safety is at risk as we do not know who is occupying these homes. These issues affect all residents.

The political action committee (PAC), Take Back Marco, is sponsoring a referendum to pass an ordinance creating a Rental registration program to take care of these issues and more. The program will be financed by fees charged to the landlords.

If you are interested in reading the ordinance and possibly signing a petition, please email edissler@comcast.net and we will email you the package.

Ed Issler, chairperson, Take Back Marco

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Penalize whoever killed dolphin

I will donate $100 to a reward fund for the capture of the offending scum who attacked the dolphin reported and found dead in the Fort Myers Beach area. If found guilty and sentenced to incarceration as a felon I will increase it by $100.

I think it safe to say that the perpetrator was not alone when this terrible act was done. This sort needs an audience.

I feel that if the reward is big enough it’ll bring results (organized by the sheriff, a wildlife organization?)

Dolphins are intelligent mammals and others will see what sorts are among us and will use more care.

Paul A. Sloan, 1Sgt., USA (Ret), Cape Coral

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Priced out of housing market

Seniors, veterans and lower-income wage earners are being priced out of the housing market.

They are selling the condo that I’m renting and the price gouging for rent is incredibly high.

Also many apartments are requiring that the renter earn three times the rent, which I do not.

The apartments that don’t have that requirement all have yearslong waiting lists. I’m a retired senior nurse and Air Force veteran. Looking for housing online is full of very misleading information and ads, which is very time-consuming and stressful.

Alice Mack, RN, retired, former Air Force captain, Fort Myers

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Professional job on paving projects

I commend the Collier County commissioners, county engineers and the asphalt paving contractors involved in the paving projects in North Naples for the last two years. The commissioners for providing the funds, the engineers for excellent designs, traffic control and material selections and the contractors for excellent workmanship and staging of the work. This work has been performed with minimal traffic disruptions.

Some have complained about the temporary pavement unevenness. I believe this is necessary for loop detector installation prior to placing the final surface course application and is a minor temporary inconvenience. The entire paving process has been timely, seamless and very professional. In addition, the traffic control involved which includes lighting and lane restrictions has been performed with worker and vehicle safety in mind.

Kudos to all involved in this process. These projects are an excellent use of taxpayer money.

Bob Bailey, Naples

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Vote against golf course conversion

We are proud residents of Riviera Golf Estates and are very concerned about the proposed golf course conversion and subsequent development with the potential of some 300 homes invading our wonderful community. The golf course essentially runs through the middle of our 690-home community and any development there will destroy all that we have worked for our entire lives. The proposed development will not be compatible with our over 55 age restricted community and it will subject us to flooding. Traffic will also be a serious problem.

Our biggest concern is the immeasurable harm that will be imposed on our residents, many of them elderly and upset that this could be happening at this stage of their lives. We beg the commissioners to be aware of our great community and the many surrounding communities that will be affected by this development. Please vote to stop this conversion.

Robert Breault, Naples

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