Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9

Marco Eagle
Editorial cartoon

The Constitution forbids governing our country as a Christian nation

There is a popular belief that the USA is a Christian nation. That is true in the sense that majority of the population are Christian. However, that has no relevance in the debate about how the country will be governed.

The US Constitution is the governing document and there is no mention of Christianity in the Constitution. In addition, the Constitution specifically stated that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,’ Christianity or otherwise. In short, the Constitution forbids governing our country as a Christian nation.

 According to the Constitution, the USA is a multicultural representative democracy.

Mukhtar Ali, Marco Island

An observation

As much as I fully support a free press, I feel it is so very important that news media in all forms realize that they possess a power more than passively ‘reflecting’ what’s happening.

News media also have the awesome power to ‘incite’ what is and what will happen.

Like a tiny little mouse in a buffalo herd can cause a stampede, so can news media cause a violent chain reaction by throwing out words like ‘Civil War’.

I don’t have the answer. Just an observation.

(Maybe we just need to stay ever-mindful that our precious and sacred Freedoms of Press and Speech can be equal forces for good and bad.)

J. Cant, Naples

Disappointed in speech

I was looking forward to President Biden’s speech on Sept. 1. I thought the speech was going to attempt to bring to the country together, all of us, to a better place of unity. Boy, was I disappointed.

From the very beginning all he did was bash Republicans, and in some spots, referred to some Republicans as dangers to the Republic. This on top of calling some Republicans “semi-fascists” recently. I guess that’s his way of bringing us together.

After being out of office for almost two years, he still seems to obsessed with Donald Trump. Every other sentence had a reference to him. It appears he’s doing his best to unify Republican voters this fall.

Rather than talk about the problems facing us all like inflation, the border crisis, recession or gas prices, he chose to take another path. I have faults, but I am not a “danger to the Republic” or a “semi-fascist.”

Frank Iraggi, Bonita Springs

Vote DeSantis?

What can we say about the job he’s doing? Record high rents, what are you paying? Property insurance? Paying through the nose if you can even find an underwriter? Hired dubious yes men like the surgeon general who advocated questionable COVID treatments.

According to Beckers Hospital Review, Florida leads the nation in average daily deaths (85.9) during COVID. Impressive numbers except if you’ve lost a friend or loved one. He successfully bloodied the nose of some poor rodent in Orlando and found objectionable words in math books. But his stand out achievement is to deny a woman the right to make a medical decision about her own body and future. Why not just take away her right to vote too? He’s already made it difficult for black and brown people to vote. There’s a lot on the line. Go vote.

Laurence Jacks, Estero

Why not?

All the news media have been continuing to carry and discuss the FBI's seizure of classified government papers from former President Trump's home in Florida. It appears to me, the Democrats are trying very hard to make a case that former President Donald Trump should be held accountable and serve prison time. 

If this happens, the government should also prepare a case to have former Vice President Hillary Clinton go to prison for taking government documents to her home and broadcasting Government matters on her private computer network. And also that the current president's son, Hunter Biden, should be prosecuted as a spy for China. But these actions are not happening. Why not?

Marlene Sherman, Naples

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