Letters to the Editor, Sept. 16

Marco Eagle
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Realign Marco Island council

Allow me to commend our citizens who knew their rights and dared to maintain them with their YES votes notwithstanding efforts to defeat the STR (Short-term Rental) ordinance with unceasing propaganda which misrepresented this issue. The sound of their voices to stop the scam must be heard; our councilors are mandated to fulfill their obligation to implement the will of the people without further fury.

I believe it is imperative that voters next reject certain officials. Chair Brechnitz and Councilor Folley announced in public forums that they would vote NO. I've no doubt both will attempt to adapt and explain their position in light of the outcome, but this resilience will not negate the reality that they are vulnerable in the November election.

Instead of returning these two gentlemen to office council candidates Dowell and Rivera should be elected as both supported the YES vote. Let me remind you that Christine Dowell spearheaded the creation of the PAC Citizens For a Better Marco to focus on quality of life issues on Marco Island, one of which was the short-term rental problem. The time to change the composition of council to ensure we respect honesty, truth, and compassion and renounce injustice, lying, and greed is now!

Regina L. Dayton, Marco Island

Impact of vaccine mandate on nurses

Very interesting article regarding the plight of hospitals in Southwest Florida with regard to staffing. Not one mention was made of the vaccine mandate having any impact on the nursing profession.

They could work and work hard at the onset of the pandemic when it was convenient for the government but then they had to make a choice. Get a vaccine or quit. Many did! The same can be said for the plight of the airlines. Same unnecessary choice. In your world this would be considered misinformation. More liberal foolishness.

Don Rader, Naples

Inflation Reduction Act aids seniors

According to the September 2022 AARP Bulletin, if you are a senior citizen on Medicare, you can thank the current Congress for passing the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed by President Biden last month. The law will save hundreds of billions of dollars for seniors, taxpayers and Medicare, and it will take steps to reduce the federal deficit.

The law will finally cap insulin costs at $35 per month starting in 2023, and Medicare out-of-pocket costs will be capped at $2,000 by 2025. Negotiations with drug companies for lower drug prices will begin in 2023 and will go into effect in 2026. Inflation rebates and protections for prescription drugs will begin in October, and those who buy health insurance through an ACA marketplace will realize financial subsidies as well.

This long-awaited act will tap big companies with changes to corporate tax laws.

The House vote was 220 to 207. The Senate vote was 50-50. Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tie with her one vote. Not one single Republican in Congress voted for the Inflation Reduction Act.

Helen Conrath, Bonita Springs

Fed up with DeSantis, Republican crazies

Gov. DeSantis brags that Florida is a free state. The meaning of free according to Webster’s is not under the control of another person. Banning books, total disregard for gay people and women's rights, gun legislation, and the environment means he controls us. He had total disregard for the pandemic, even telling high school students to remove their silly masks. There are many reasons to vote this guy out. He cares about himself and not much else except getting re-elected.

But I didn’t think he would stoop so low as to insult Dr. Fauci, calling him a little elf that should be chucked across the Potomac. He, DeSantis, has zero medical background while Dr. Fauci is an award winning scientist-physician. Among them, the national medal of science, the Lasher-Bloomberg public service award and the presidential medal of freedom. Dr. Fauci is 38 years his sennior which in itself deserves respect. He has no respect for seniors and does not care about your health or mine. Regardless of your political affiliation, please vote him out. I am a longtime registered Republican but am more than fed up with the new Republican Party crazies.

Carolyn Sertich, Bonita Springs

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