Letters to the Editor, Sept. 27

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Know your candidates

Dear voters of Marco Island: As we approach Election Day, it is more important than ever that we learn as much as we can about the candidates running for our City Council. After all, we just voted to implement a Short-Term Rental Registration Program and we do not want to see it voted out or softened to the point of ineffectiveness.

One such candidate is Darrin Palumbo. He is firmly entrenched in the Marco Real Estate industry (like Becky Irwin), a 25 percent owner of a local business that profits from tourism, and is sponsored, financially (see his PAC reports) by the family that owns the Snook/DaVinci group of restaurants.

And lastly is the matter of honesty and character of Mr. Palumbo. If any voter wishes, you can access cms.collierclerk.com on the internet and look him up yourself. Once at that site, click case search at the top of the screen. Type in his name as requested on the screen (2 “r’s in Darrin) and click search.

The results are astounding.

Palumbo may or may not have explanations for each of these lawsuits. But this is hardly the history of someone we, the voters, want to elect to City Council to handle our budgets and vote responsibly on issues that affect all of us.  Mr. Palumbo is not a good choice for City Council. Please do all the research yourself and make up your own mind.

Virginia Bingle, Marco Island

Immigrants have right to seek asylum

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is outraged that the immigrants who were tricked into flying to Martha’s Vineyard got lawyers to sue Ron DeSantis in federal court. Rubio claims that the immigrants came here illegally. Under U.S. immigration law, immigrants have a legal right to enter the U.S. to seek asylum. Neither Ron DeSantis nor Marco Rubio has the right to grant or reject asylum to immigrants.

For decades, Republicans have used immigrants as a scapegoat for problems in this country. It is their main, go-to talking point. It is their diversion tactic to stir up their base and fill people with fear. Immigration reform will never be accomplished as long as Republicans continue to weaponize those seeking a better life.

Jane Schlechtweg, Marco Island

Webinar on upcoming election

Florida’s General Election is on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Are you ready to vote? Do you know which candidates will be on your ballot? Which issues?

To get a better understanding of who and what is on your ballot, please join Sandy Parker on Thursday, Sept. 29, from 3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. for her Get Ready To Vote In The General Election webinar. Sandy Parker is the founder and publisher of the nonpartisan Sparker's Soapbox website and monthly blog, which has been informing voters for 12 years. The webinar is hosted by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Collier County.

In the webinar, Sandy will review federal, state and local offices and candidates as well as the proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution that will be on the ballot for Collier County. The webinar is open to the public. To register, go to lwvcolliercounty.org/sparker202209 and click on “Register Now.”

Diane Moore, Naples

Collier school incumbents deserve your vote

As the mother of two Collier County Public Schools graduates, and a full-time Collier County resident for 28 years, I have seen the changes of the CCPS superintendents and school boards. I have seen inactive superintendents, lack of transparency and communication, and dysfunctional boards. Dr. Patton ushered in a new era of communication and transparency, and we currently have a school board that is highly qualified, and works for every student and family. There are no private agendas. This is the most effective and functional school board I have seen. While I may not always agree with everything they do, that is okay. They listen and are responsive to their constituents. They respect one another as well as the process by which they are governed, even when they don’t see eye to eye with each other and that is what truly matters. The three incumbent candidates deserve your vote this election: Dr. Jory Westberry, Jen Mitchell, and Roy Terry.

Lisa Mair, Naples

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