Letters to the Editor, Oct. 14

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Re-elect Brechnitz and Folley to Marco Island City Council

The residents of Marco Island are fortunate to have two outstanding business professionals leading our City Council.

Chairman Erik Brechnitz built a financial investment firm from inception, while Greg Folley served as Chief HR Officer and lead negotiator for Caterpillar Inc.

In an environment where political hype often over-shadows real accomplishment, it is important voters reflect on the following benefits they enjoy arising from the outstanding stewardship of these two leaders collaborating with their Council colleagues:

Addressed Fire and Police pension benefits that wildly exceeded the marketplace while improving Fire and Police personnel wages and retention. These agreements provide sustainable pension benefits and highly competitive wages that assure Marco Island remains one of the safest places to live in Florida and the entire country.

Maintained City tax bills flat for six years, amid rising property values, saving each homeowner thousands, while ensuring City government remains small, yet effective.

Overseeing the largest capital projects in City history, the fire station rebuild and Veterans Community Park, that are on budget.

Aided the city in achieving a ‘AAA’ credit rating by Fitch Ratings rating agency through consistent, prudent financial management.   Few cities in the country, let alone Florida, attain credit ratings as strong as Marco Island’s.

These results occur through strong, fiscally conservative leadership, with Brechnitz and Folley at the forefront.  We need their continued representation on Marco Island City Council.

Mike Carr, Marco Island

Mom’s wisdom

In August Marco Islanders defeated realtor attempts to stop or avoid strict short-term rental (STR) rules. Our single-family residential community happily celebrated.

Next month’s city councilor election has five candidates applying for the three available council seats, (Brechnitz, Folley, Dowell, Rivera and Palumbo).

My dear old mom had a saying that firmly impressed me: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you really are.”

Candidate Rivera has received thousands of campaign dollars from realtor contributors, (https://www.cityofmarcoisland.com/executive/page/2022-city-council-candidates)

Candidate Palumbo is a local, licensed realtor.

Marco currently has a sitting realtor and a realtor sympathizer on council, (Irwin and Grifoni).

Electing Rivera and Palumbo would obviously guarantee a 4-3 realtor majority on City Council charged with modifying STR issues.

Electing Brechnitz, Folley and Dowell ostensibly avoids the above guaranteed majority.

Ergo, I’m going with Brechnitz, Folley and Dowell. Draw and vote your own conclusion(s), of course.

Russ Colombo, Marco Island

Your tax money and the Future of our children

Did you know that 44 percent of Marco Island taxes support the Collier County public schools? 

Did you know that there will be a run-off election for three Collier County School Board positions? 

Numerous emails and post cards have circulated from a political executive committee stating their support for three candidates that they vetted and endorsed. One can only wonder why this political executive Committee is advertising their support. School board elections are not political. Additionally, this political executive committee did not vet all the school board candidates.  

The Collier Country Public School Board Candidate Forum has been rescheduled for 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island (JCMI) located at 991 Winterberry Road on Marco Island. 

This is an opportunity for you to personally hear from each of the candidates rather than hearsay, how he or she plans to use your tax dollars and ensure quality education for our children, our future.  Attend the forum, be informed, and make your own decision. 

This Forum is sponsored by the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce, the Marco Island Civic Association, and the Coalition for Quality Public Education. 

Linda Turner, event coordinator, Marco Island

Funds belong to the people

Is there some reason why DeSantis isn’t using the billions (yes, it is a B) of dollars he has in Florida reserves to provide people with food, water, shelter and other help that have been affected by the hurricane? A lot of the money came from Biden’s American Rescue Plan (10 billion to Florida – yes that is a B) that he touts he gave bonuses to teachers, first responders, etc. but that bonus was just $1,000, which I think you know doesn’t go far. So why is he asking Biden for billions more and asking for donations before using the money we already have. That money belongs to the people of Florida so what is he saving it for?

Now Biden is giving him more money for disaster cleanup. In the end, DeSantis is sitting on a whole lot of money that citizens paid for and now getting a lot more money from Biden's federal government, that citizens paid for while Floridians are without the basic necessities. He has touted that Florida’s economy is in really good shape because he opened it up but fails to mention anything about Biden’s “gift” that helped Florida stay afloat and failed to mention that a lot of money is in state reserves that he is not using to help people who are truly hurting. Can anyone explain why?

Pam Williams, Naples

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