Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18

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Elect strong, fiscal conservatives

As the election nears for Marco Islands City Council, I felt the need to remind our residents that we need to elect strong, fiscal conservatives like Darrin Palumbo to keep our taxes low and runaway spending in check.  

He is a wonderful family man, a local business owner who has a huge heart with the willingness to serve our community.  

After hurricane Ian he was the only new candidate that was visible in the community helping residents instead of being self-serving and putting up political signs two days after the storm. Seeing his volunteer efforts and how he cares for our residents was wonderful. It shows he is a true leader and someone we need on our City Council.  

Having the opportunity to talk with Darrin in depth I found out he has lived on Marco Island for 25 years and understands this community better than anyone else running for council. I am proud to support Darrin and I am looking forward to having him on the City Council to contribute to the success of Marco Island.

Arne Sandberg, Marco Island

In support of Christine Dowell

This letter is in support of Christine Dowell. Am I biased? You betcha! I’m her husband. But I also know her to be intensely interested in the betterment of Marco and a top pick for City Council.

She has come under some very unfair and outrageous attacks. The source of the attacks is Keep Marco Free Political Action Committee (KMF) aided by sitting councilor(s) who have vested interests in suppressing the newly passed Rental Ordinance supported by the voters.

KMF has attacked her purely on political and vindictive motives, knowing her public support of the ordinance. Four emails distributed by KMF – one calling into question her religion, others calling into question her conservative views are un-American and slanderous!

Her ability to help the city continue to progress has nothing to do with religion no more than someone in a car show or a pickle ball match should have their religion taken into consideration.

Does she have strong beliefs? You betcha! She thinks we should all be responsible for our actions. She is a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution and is even related to the founders.

So, when it comes to protecting our borders, standing up for our rights guaranteed by all 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights, she’s got your back! She’s also devoted her time and ability to survivors of Hurricane Katrina, raised three children as a single mom and devoted her life to helping people. That’s part of why I married her and that’s part of why you should vote for her!

Michael Dowell, Marco Island

Helping wealthy to cheat

Recently, Kevin McCarthy, house minority leader unveiled the Republican “commitment to America”, if, in the upcoming election, GOP wins majority. Their very first bill would focus on repealing “87,000 IRS agents”. The claim is that such an expansion of IRS agents will be used to audit middle-class Americans, low-income earners, and small businesses. Really? Let us examine the facts.

Recent Treasury Department report shows that the Treasury is losing federal income tax revenue over $600 billion annually because some taxpayers are hiding a part of their income from being taxed. Almost all (99.95 percent) of non-reported incomes are arising out of income from investment in businesses, stocks, bonds and other financial assets. As the top 20 percent of the wealthy owns almost all the financial assets, more precisely 93 percent of the financial assets (NBER), wealthy are hiding a part of their income to avoid paying full amount of taxes that they owe. In contrast almost no income is hidden from the wage and salary and thus the wage and salary workers are paying full amount of taxes that they owe.

This is understandable because in reporting income, salary and wage earners are accounted by their employers but investment income earners are accounted by no one. Only way these cheaters can be detected is through IRS audits. By eliminating “87,000 IRS agents”, GOP will be clearing the path for the wealthy to cheat which in other words GOP will be allowing wealthy to break the tax laws. It seems GOP is a party of law and order only for those not well off or well-connected and wealthy can freely avoid laws.

Mukhtar Ali, Marco Island

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