Letters to the Editor, Oct. 21

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Rivera speaks out of both sides of her mouth

The various stances held by Nanette Rivera, should trouble ALL Marco Islanders--whether they support or oppose the short-term rental (STR) referendum.

Back in April, at a Citizen's for a Better Marco meeting, Ms. Rivera voiced her hesitancy regarding the proposed STR ordinance – only to flip-flop shortly before it passed, posting a statement to her website and on social media in support of the ordinance.

After announcing her support for the ordinance, in September Rivera and her husband posted on social media that the residents were "hoodwinked" on the STR ordinance. 

Rivera's husband publicly voiced his support for the Collier County STR ordinance. As a reminder, the Collier County STR Program includes virtually nothing to regulate STRs – it is just a registration program. It differs entirely from the STR ordinance that passed on Marco. Rivera has allegedly echoed her husband's sentiment on this to citizens in her verbal conversations.

And since all this came to light, Rivera deleted her web page position on STRs.  In addition, Ms. Rivera supported the proposal for an expanded restaurant in Olde Marco, even after I proved to her that it was not in accordance with our Land Development Code (as our current City Council determined).

Her thought processes do not take into consideration what is good for Marco Island, or better yet, what is good for Marco Island residents. Her education and training allow her only to think in terms of Metrics and she readily admits this.

There is no room on City Council for someone who cannot make decisions based on what is good for Marco Island and what is good and beneficial to Marco Island residents. Rivera is far to business oriented (as she has proven) and is not capable of voting properly on issues that benefit the residents.

We do not need a “flip-flopping” politician who does not support what the citizens voted for on City Council.  Please do the research and watch planning board meetings to see for yourself. The city councilor that appointed her to the planning board does not even support her candidacy for City Council.

Ed Issler, Marco Island

Rubio responds to needs

Senator Marco Rubio has stepped up once again for Floridians. This time it is to help all of us dealing with the effects of Hurricane Ian. He has requested a $33 billion package to assist with the rebuild from this disaster. While many on the left are trying to stuff this hurricane relief package full of pork and pet projects, Marco is committed to doing everything in his power to keep that from happening.

On a personal note, he and his staff were the only congressional team to respond to our requests for assistance with delays in receiving medical treatment associated with federal Workers Comp claims. The approvals had been delayed for the best part of a year. Shortly after Sen. Rubio’s teams’ intervention, my wife’s case was moved along to get the treatment that she had required.

Thank you, Marco, for keeping Congress focused on making the federal bureaucracy accountable to the citizens of our country.

Now, let’s make sure we all do our part and get out and vote. Your vote counts more than ever to turn our country around.

Bob Walker, Marco Island

Personalized, nonpartisan voting guide

As the Nov. 8 election nears and voters search for information about the candidates and issues on their ballot, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a “one stop shop” where voters may access information in one place? The League of Women Voters created Vote411.org, an online Personalized Voting Guide, because we recognize that voters are more likely to vote when they know who the candidates are and where they stand on the issues.

Before each election, the nonpartisan League of Women Voters reaches out to each and every candidate with thoughtful, well-prepared questions unique to that candidate’s race.

The responses from candidates – without any edits by the League – are included in the candidate’s information in Vote411.org. Responding to written questions gives a candidate the opportunity to communicate directly with voters. If a candidate chooses not to respond to a question, Vote411.org will note that “Candidate has not yet responded.”

Simply type in vote411.org and fill in the address that you used to register to vote, including your ZIP code. Vote411 will create a Personalized Voting Guide based on that address with information about the candidates in the races that you will be voting on in the November General Election.

An informed voter is an effective voter, so before you cast your ballot, educate yourself about the candidates at Vote411.org.

The League of Women Voters of Collier County is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that supports and informs voters.

Diane Preston Moore, League of Women Voters of Collier County president, Naples

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