Letters to the Editor, Oct. 28

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Not time for tax increase on Marco

Christine Dowell comes from the land of high taxes and bloated government in Illinois.  She wants to bring both of these to Marco Island. At a recent candidate forum she was the only candidate who refused to commit to keeping taxes flat. The other candidates all agreed that keeping taxes flat was a top priority.  

Considering that our community is still recovering from the hurricane, plus we all face inflation on goods and services, this is not the time for a tax increase for Marco Island. Furthermore, as a recent arrival to Marco Island, she shows blatant contempt for tourism and local businesses which are the financial engine that drives Marco Island.  

Her lack of business knowledge and financial management should disqualify her as an option for voters plus her stance on taxes makes her the wrong choice. As you consider your options for City Council, there are better choices on the ballot. Don’t vote Christine Dowell as she will bring higher taxes which we don’t want on Marco Island. 

Martin Winter, Marco Island

Won't commit to keep taxes low

At last week's Marco Island Candidate Forum, Christine Dowell was the ONLY candidate who refused to commit to keep taxes low, support the rollback rate, or not increase the tax rate for Marco Island residents. This also confirms what she stated at a Citizens for Better Marco meeting in July, that she is open to raising taxes on Marco residents. 

A little over two years ago, Christine Dowell moved from the high tax state of Illinois to Marco Island. She sees no issue in raising taxes on the residents of Marco Island. Illinois is a state that has deep fiscal problems with both high taxes and high spending. It seems she wants to bring that to Marco Island. 

Considering the challenges that our community continues to face with hurricane recovery, and the rising insurance costs, it is not a prudent stance to be looking to take money out of our taxpayers' pockets. Many Marco Island residents are retired, and increasing their taxes would cause a financial burden to them. 

Raising taxes and financial mismanagement are qualities we do not want on Marco Island City Council.

Julie Rose, Marco Island

Wrong choice for Marco City Council

I listened in disbelief last week at the Marco Island candidate forum when only one candidate running for council said that she is not against raising taxes.  She was the only one. The other candidates all agreed that keeping taxes flat was a priority for them. 

Bloated taxes and government are what Christine Dowell is used to in Illinois. Those are the values she wants to bring to Marco Island. Furthermore, having only recently arrived on the island, she does not display an understanding of the needs of our residents – in fact she shows blatant disregard. Given that many in our community are still in hurricane recovery mode, plus they are facing inflation on everything, this is not the time to consider a tax increase for Marco Island.  

Her stance on taxes paired with her lack of leadership and financial management or business experience makes her the wrong choice for City Council.  Don’t vote for higher taxes. Don’t vote for Christine Dowell.  

Mindy Freeman, Marco Island

Helping wealthy to cheat

Recently, Kevin McCarthy, house minority leader unveiled the Republican “commitment to America”, if, in the upcoming election, GOP wins majority. Their very first bill would focus on repealing “87,000 IRS agents”. The claim is that such an expansion of IRS agents will be used to audit middle-class Americans, low-income earners, and small businesses. Really? Let us examine the facts.

Recent Treasury Department report shows that the Treasury is losing federal income tax revenue over $600 billion annually because some taxpayers are hiding a part of their income from being taxed. Almost all (99.95 percent) of non-reported incomes are arising out of income from investment in businesses, stocks, bonds and other financial assets. As the top 20 percent of the wealthy owns almost all the financial assets, more precisely 93 percent of the financial assets (NBER), wealthy are hiding a part of their income to avoid paying full amount of taxes that they owe. In contrast almost no income is hidden from the wage and salary and thus the wage and salary workers are paying full amount of taxes that they owe.

This is understandable because in reporting income, salary and wage earners are accounted by their employers but investment income earners are accounted by no one. Only way these cheaters can be detected is through IRS audits. By eliminating “87,000 IRS agents”, GOP will be clearing the path for the wealthy to cheat which in other words GOP will be allowing wealthy to break the tax laws. It seems GOP is a party of law and order only for those not well off or well-connected and wealthy can freely avoid laws.

Mukhtar Ali, Marco Island

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