Letters to the Editor, Nov. 4

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Not good for Marco Island

As a long-term resident of Marco Island and a past member of City Council, I can inform all residents that the Political Action Committee (PAC), “Keep Marco Free,” is not good for Marco Island and especially the residents. This PAC was formed expressly for the purpose of defeating the recently passed rental ordinance (according to their documents). The PAC’s membership and source of funds is made up of primarily short-term rental owners and real estate people.

This PAC is the one that sent out mailers to you stating that if the ordinance passed your grandchildren would not be able to visit over Christmas. Or that if the ordinance passed, your credit report would become available to the Chinese. Or that if the ordinance passed, your taxes would be higher. Well, if you don’t know it yet, let me tell you that these are all LIES!!

This PAC spent over $150,000 sending out mailers and emails that were nothing but lies. And they are still at it!  Because Christine Dowell is a dedicated citizen’s advocate and a staunch supporter of the rental ordinance, this PAC, Keep Marco Free, has made it their task to continue the lies and make every attempt to defeat Christine in her run for City Council. This PAC actually supports Darrin Palumbo who is a Realtor and a business supported candidate.

The fact that Keep Marco Free is opposed to Christine Dowell should be more than enough motivation for voters to actually vote for Christine Dowell. And as far as Mr. Palumbo is concerned, make up your own mind.

Amadeo Petricca, Marco Island

Darrin Palumbo deserves your support

Darrin Palumbo is a limited government, fiscal conservative, family man who deserves your support and your vote for Marco Island City Council.

As a 25-year resident of Marco Island, Darrin has seen it all. This historical perspective of what makes Marco Island such a wonderful place to live is invaluable to have in a decision-making position. His commitment to keeping our taxes low (he’s signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge – the only candidate to do so), his experience raising a family and working here, and his understanding of the value of protecting Marco Island for the next generation are what separates him from the pack.

Darrin wants to serve our community as a city councilor who will address infrastructure challenges, manage growth, preserve our environment and waterways, and who will fight for Marco Island’s interests wherever necessary.

Darrin’s campaign can be summarized by his slogan, “Commitment, Collaboration, Community.” Darrin lives that every day of his life. He’s mentored youth through his role as a volunteer soccer coach for Marco Island Academy and the Optimist Club of Marco Island, he’s been committed to the Big Brother/Big Sister program as a mentor for over 20 years (Darrin will tell you of his time as a mentor to his “Little Brother” Josh, who he considers a member of his own family), and he lives and breathes this community as a husband, father, employer, worker, and volunteer.

Darrin will work for the best interests of our entire island community, focused on the here and now, but also with an eye to the future. I am proud to endorse Darrin Palumbo. 

Join me and many of your neighbors across Marco Island in voting for Darrin Palumbo, along with re-electing Erik Brechnitz and Greg Folley (both of whom have never voted to raise taxes), during early voting or on Election Day, Nov. 8.

Jared Grifoni, Marco Island

Supporting Darrin Palumbo

My family is enthusiastically supporting Darrin Palumbo for Marco Island City Council. 

We have nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

He truly cares about this community and especially the children of Marco Island. He is constantly giving back by volunteering at and supporting our local schools.

Our daughter is a sophomore in high school and works for Darrin at Sweet Annie's Ice Cream. She has had the best experience there. He is such a kind and considerate employer and boss to all the kids that work for him. He always bends over backwards to make special accommodations to their schedules, so they don't miss any school functions, sports or dances. He will come in and cover the kid's shifts himself rather than ask them to miss out on a school event or important experience. 

At the same time, he always takes the opportunity to pass on key life lessons that stick with these kids. He is the type of person that changes lives and makes the world a better place one interaction at a time. 

People like Darrin are rare in this world. People that truly care and have so much love in their heart. It is even more rare to have a person like this run for office. Marco Island citizens are so lucky to have someone like Darrin offer his service to the City Council.

I believe Darrin will be one of the best representatives this city has ever had. We really need more community-minded people that genuinely care for others. I hope you join me in supporting Darrin Palumbo for Marco Island City Council.

Jeanette O'Donnell, Marco Island

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