Letters to the Editor, Feb. 3

Marco Eagle
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Place priority on voting legislation

Now that Republicans have a foothold in Congress, it seems to me they need to put high priority on introducing if not passing legislation at the federal level that would eliminate voting machines, returning to registered Democrats and registered Republicans overseeing one another as they physically count votes together, end use of ballot drop boxes, deploy federal marshals and military in conjunction with local law enforcement at polling locations. Finally, if possible, a meaningful effort should be made to close our southern border.

Unless Republicans exert influence to at least try and make a difference here, it is certain that nothing will change. That is to say the Democrats will continue to win elections. 

John Mallen, Marco Island

Marco Island is ripe for a senior center.

With NCH expanding their services with the new buildings and care facilities we, the over 55 population, should ask for a site, a building for us to be together with our peers, for conversation, for

recreation, for new things to do and learn such as art, music, dancing and field trips. Why is it that up north, there is a senior center in just about every city and town and yet here, where most of us are moving for the climate, there is nothing.

Granted there are churches that sponsor a monthly luncheon as well as other businesses that have one or two classes for the older population. We are by far, in Marco, the majority of people in this over 55 age group. So, shouldn't we have a place for ourselves? Not a slice of a bigger pie but a pie of our own? Again, most Senior Centers are open

Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm. We call it our drop-in center up north. You want to have lunch, drop in and for $3 you can have a sandwich and drink. If you want to play pool, grab a stick. If you want to see a movie, go to room B.

If you want to knit the group comes in on Thursday. If you want line dancing, check the calendar. If you want to go on a bus trip for the day, sign up. If you play and instrument, look for the day musicians get together. So, so many things for us over 55 to do. Up north, a senior bus picks those who no longer drive to and from the center.

Please, with NCH at our doorstep this is the time to act. Talk to your city councilors. Talk to your neighbors.

Ann D’Onofrio, Marco Island

Your vote more important than ever

It is amazing how Republicans will sell their souls to be leaders. Bankrupt of the true meaning of right and wrong. Void of their oath to we the people. This is not just a game of kings winning at chess but our lives and safety.

The recent nominations to our country’s House committees of people who should not ever represent our country much less be out on the street is appalling. The disrespect to women and races is unacceptable in 2023. The snubbing of law, common sense and the vitriol of hate and cat calling is arrogant and very un-American.

Mr. McCarthy, this was your time to show some sense of morals and you buckled under and failed.

This is now the time for all women and races and minorities to come together and never miss the opportunity to vote. This is more important than ever. Vote for people who can talk about their plan for us, not their egos. Take this warning seriously. Love louder every day for everyone. Peace out.

Christianne Murphy, Golden Gate

Let’s have competitive primaries

Why should a presidential candidate be selected in an authoritarian way? Our democracy should not be given the choice of two unpopular, very old, male candidates. True democracy would be best served by having competitive primaries. Neither former Trump nor President Biden has the overwhelming mandate of the voters, yet it is very possible for each man to be the candidate of his party. Just because these men declare they are running for president should not guarantee the support of their parties. If these men loved democracy, they would support truly "free and fair elections.”

Rochelle Fogg, Naples

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