Letters to the Editor, April 14

Marco Eagle
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Sequence traffic lights

We have never experienced the traffic, getting into local restaurants and difficulty making medical appointments than this past season. Traffic is a nightmare.

With many large condominiums being built on U.S. 41 and with an onslaught of out-of-state visitors our very quality of life will be impacted while we suffocate. The solution is not to expand roadways. That 'solution' costs money and disrupts traffic.

The one solution that costs nothing and been proven to increase traffic flow, reduce travel times by 30-40% and reduce carbon monoxide pollution from idling gasoline cars by another 40%.

The solution is simply 'traffic light synchronization.' That is, making traffic lights so coordinated that if one travels at the posted speed limit one can avoid stopping at most red lights and avoid experiencing the long and polluting waiting time to go green. This need for 'sequencing' is desperately needed on Collier County roads at U.S. 41, Airport Pulling, Goodlette-Frank, Immokalee Road and Pine Ridge Boulevard.

We need to copy what other cities are doing as far as 'traffic sequencing.' Copy what they are doing makes common sense. Complete the sequencing before the next mad rush into our area. We need to get smart and avoid the impulse to throw money at the problem. That is not the best or smartest solution to our growing suffocation. Implement 'traffic light sequencing' now.

John Arceri, Esq. and P.E., former Marco Island city councilman

What can go wrong?

Now you can buy a gun. No training. No permit. No problem. What can possibly go wrong?

Joseph Piet, Marco Island

Legal profession ethics

Many may have come to the conclusion that Ron DeSantis is a flawed candidate for president. He is a graduate of the best universities our country has to offer, Yale and Harvard, however either they failed or he failed to get a complete education.

I have heard of a saying about a failed legal education, which seems fitting, “He was vaccinated for the law but it didn’t take.”

When I recently read about candidate DeSantis attacking the courts, the judiciary and officers of the court in New York, I questioned his judgment and commitment to ethics required of a member of the Florida Bar Association, assuming he is a member. I contacted my friend Mr. Google about the oath of admission taken by Florida lawyers. It includes “I will maintain the respect due to the courts of justice and judicial officers.”

The accompanying explanation says that the oath taken sets out “general principles which should ever control the lawyer in the practice of the legal profession” and an oath “which the lawyer is sworn on admission to obey and for the willful violation to which disbarment may be had.”

The governor’s record is one for others to make their own judgment. I, for one, have always considered the oath taken by a lawyer to be admitted to the practice of law a sacred one. Maybe in the heat of a highly contested political campaign it is possible to overlook the duty owed to our judicial systems, the courts, the judges and all officers of the court, even those in the state of New York.

Andy Dalton, Marco Island

Total authoritarian control

How far can state Republicans go to take away the peoples rights and replace it with legislative dictatorship? We will soon find out as a bill in the Legislature would kill home rule of cities and towns.

What would that do? It takes away our control over development, our environment and how we grow. Business could really not be regulated and we can no longer say what is best for us. Guns everywhere.

This is not Republican limited government politics it is big government control.I believe it is part of Governor DeSantis’ plan for total authoritarian control. Intimidation of cities, business, health care and education.

All you snowbirds may not care but we permanent residents will suffer. We don’t want to live like Chinese or Russians.

Albert King, Naples

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