DaVinci's clinches Island Division Title


DaVinci's has clinched the Island Division Title in the Marco Island Senior Softball League with four consecutive base hits after two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Paul Shelton drove in the tying run and Murph Knapke the winning run. The win gave DaVinci's an insurmountable lead of four games with only three games left in regular season play over the second place Brewery who they defeated to clinch the Division. Mango's saw its seven game winning streak come to and end, but still held a one-game lead over CJ's on the Bay and Crazy Flamingo's in the Marco Division with three games left in the season.

Island Division:

Nacho Mama's 17 Sand Bar 13

The game was tied 12-12 at the end of six innings before Nacho grabbed the lead scoring three in the eighth. Jack Martin and John Gross paced Nacho's with three hits; Jon Wiseman belted a homerun and Dave Droddy crunched a triple. Wiseman and Jeff Hultgren had three RBI; Gross, John Barrett, Jim Stewart and Doug Stang had two. Rick Benedetti had a big day at the plate for Sand Bar drilling four hits with Jim Green having three, and Benedetti whacking a homerun while Jim George and Dan Dumbauld tripled. Rick Benedetti drove in five runs, his brother Frank Benedetti two.

Brewery 18 Porky's 16

The teams were tied for second place when the game started, but the Brewery was able to hold off a ten run seventh inning rally by Porky's for the win and sole possession of second place. In a team effort Phil Holmes had three hits, with Tom Whitlock and Nick Jacullo clubbing a homerun and John Remhoff mashing a triple. Jacullo, Whitlock, and Chuck Reich had three RBI, and Steve Hummel two. John Haskins, Rich Krumholz and Jimmy Cuevas had three hits for Porky's, with Cuevas smashing a triple. Cuevas chased in four runs, Joe Cervelli three, and Tom Pugh two.

DaVinci's 15 Mutual of Omaha Bank 10

The Bank was leading 7-4 when DaVinci's scored six runs in the seventh to take over the lead heading towards the win. Grady Fuller lashed out four hits for DaVinci's with Craig Cunningham, Jim Williams, Murph Knapke, and Jim Vitas having three. Bill Wight hoisted a homerun and had three RBI as did Cunningham, while Vitas had two. Bob Williams and Herman Griffith had three hits for the Bank, with Ed Brack driving in three runs and Ed Kingsbury two.

Mutual of Omaha Bank 13 Porky's 7

Bob Williams and Art Sinisi banked three hits apiece for the Bank, while Jerry Engel closed out Porky's, pounding a grand slam homerun and collecting five RBI in the game. Williams and Steve Clark had two RBI. Porky's John Haskins had three hits and three RBI.

DaVinci's 19 Sand Bar 17

DaVinci's was trailing 8-0 before the team's bats came alive. Craig Cunningham thumped the ball for four hits; Bill Wright, Paul Shelton and Bill Shurina had three. Cunningham bashed a grand slam homerun and Wright a three run shot, with Jim Vitas crushing a triple. Wright accounted for five runs being scored, Cunningham four, Jim Williams three, Paul Shelton and Ron Hobson two. Tom Bishard continued pulverizing the ball for Sand Bar with five hits, one being a triple; Dave Banghart and Jim Green had four hits, Rick Benedetti and Ralph Sieja three. Bishard and Sieja drove in four runs and Banghart three runs.

Brewery 18 Nacho Mama's 13

In another team effort which has been the Brewery's M.O. this season, John Remhoff had three hits while six other player's in the lineup had two. Chris Flynn chased home four runs, Steve Hummel and Chuck Reich three, Mike Endelman two. Jeff Hultgren slashed four hits for Nacho's with Tom Gazzillo having three. Teammates Jack Martin and Pete Oellrich smashed a triple. Martin had four RBI in the game and George Schnorr three.

DaVinci's 8 Brewery 7

In one of the best played game of the season, DaVinci's was down to the team's final out trailing 6-7 when four consecutive hits turn a loss into clinching the Island Division's Championship Title. Jim Williams had the first hit after two outs followed by hits by Grady Fuller and Paul Shelton who tied the game with the winning hit coming from Murph Knapke. Fuller and Shelton had three hits apiece with Shelton driving in four runs and Fuller three. John Remhoff and Gary Revall had three hits for the Brewery with Revall and Steve Hummel having two RBI.

Nacho Mama's 16 Porky's 9

Everyone on Nacho's contributed to the win, with Jon Wiseman having three hits including a belting homerun. Jim Stewart, George Schnorr, and Doug Stang chasing in three runs, Wiseman, Tom Gazzillo, and Jack Martin two. Jimmy Cuevas's red-hot bat smoked the ball for five hits for Porky's with Tom Tankersley having three hits. John Haskins walloped a triple and Jack Mateja had two RBI in the loss.

Sand Bar 25 Mutual of Omaha Bank 20

It took ten innings before a winner was declared in a slug fest. Sand Bar scored two runs in the ninth to tie the game at 20-20 before hammering in seven runs in the tenth for the win. Tom Bishard bashed five hits for Sand Bar, Dan Dumbauld had four; Rick Benedetti and Jim George three. Ralph Sieja racked up five RBI, Bishard and John Sherwin four, Dave Banghart, Jim Green and George two. Ed Kingsbury ripped four hits for the Bank, while Ed Brack, Steve Clark, and John DeRosa had three. Brack who scorched a three homerun had four RBI; Kingsbury, Clark, and DeRosa three, Butch Coursen and Mike Puskar two.

Marco Division:

CJ's on the Bay 22 Speakeasy 18

CJ's rallied, scoring thirteen runs in the last two innings of the game to beat Speakeasy. Paul Womack ripped four for CJ's, Gary Badger three; Roger Fleming, Alan Schneider, Butch Monson and Jim O'Meara two. Womack, Monson and Galatis smacked a homerun with Badger banging a triple. Womack had four RBI; Galatis, Monson and Badger three and Schneider two. Joe Barry tagged four hits for Speakeasy, Ron Irwin and Don Rooksberry three and Randy Wesolowski two. Rooksberry slammed a homerun and Ed Kopecky a triple; Irwin and Rooksberry recorded three RBI, Wesolowski and Ron Townsend two.

Mango's 23 Rookies 8

Mango's invoked the mercy rule on Rookies after five innings. Jim Battye line three hits for Mango's while Jim Baumann and Ed Dreyfus had two. Baumann, Warren Uhl and Jim White belted a homerun, giving Uhl, White and Battye three runs driven in and Jack Stevenson two. Rookies John Hollerbach, John Hedges, and Angelo Polizzi had two hits, with Hollerbach launching a solo homerun.

Crazy Flamingo's 14 Joey's Pizza 5

Scoring twelve runs in the top of the seventh inning saw Crazy Flamingo's overcome a 5-2 deficit. Ray Niemeyer and Tom Grucci pounded the ball for three hits for Crazy's, Chuck Wilson and Frank Dooley had two. Niemeyer Grucci and George Lancaster hammered a homerun, with Lancaster having three RBI and Grucci two in the game. Tom Loiacono and Tony Brock had two hits for Joey's, one of Loiacono's being a towering homerun to match a homerun shot by Denny Davis, Loiacon0 three RBI and Davis two.

CJ's on the Bay 11 Rookies 8

Mike Galatis and Dick DeAnna peppered three hits while Don Schwartz, Bob Grimm, Alan Schneider, Gary Badger and Denny Lello had two for CJ's. DeAnna had three runs driven in with Roger Fleming having two. Rookies Ralph Leiterding, Angelo Polizzi, Bob Smith and Bill Diamond had two hits, wit Joe Callahan jolting a triple. Diamond had three RBI and Jerry Lenhoff two.

Joey's Pizza 8 Stonewalls 7

Joey's scored the winning run on a bases-loaded walk after Stonewall's had taken the lead scoring two runs in the top of the seventh inning. Paul Burnett, Bill Moors and Rick Condle had two hits Joey's. Denny Davis smacked a triple in the win had three RBI and Tom Loiacono had two. John Wood, Bob Smith, and Dan Cody had two hits for Stonewalls with Mike Gallagher crunching a triple. Smith, Cody and Bernie Berman had two RBI.

Crazy Flamingo's 12 Speakeasy 10

The issuing of 13 walks by Speakeasy along with Ray Niemeyer's three hits and Frank Dooley blasting a three run homerun led Crazy Flamingo's to its win. Dooley ended the game with four RBI, Jerry Kratz three and Steve Slaggie two. Speakeasy's Joe Barry, Mike Arnold, Chet Dal Bianco, Ed Kopecky and Ron Townsend had two hits. Arnold, Dal Bianco and Bob Levasseur socked triples, with Arnold, Kopecky and Townsend having two RBI.

Joey's Pizza 18 Rookies 4

Joey's used the long ball to win, with Fred Kramer and Bob Monaco spanking the ball for two home runs each. Kramer, Tom Loiacono and Fuzz Fazekas banged three hits, with Bill Moors having two. Monaco tallied five RBI, Kramer four, Fazekas and Paul Burnett two. Jerry Lenhoff, Ralph Leiterding and George Kirk had two hits for Rookies. Kirk tripled in the game and had two RBI.

CJ's on the Bay 9 Crazy Flamingo's 6

CJ's moved into a tie for second place with Flamingo's with the win. The game was tied going into the top of the seventh after Flamingo tied the game in the bottom of the sixth. Paul Womack then whacked a triple with the bases loaded to give him three RBI and CJ's the victory. Teammates Mike Galatis, Roger Fleming, Bob Grimm, and Alan Schneider had two hits. Flamingo's George Lancaster who launched a home run had two hits and three RBI; Joe Furst, Bill Diamond and Tom Patterson also had two hits in the loss

Stonewalls 20 Mango's 9

Stonewalls ended Mango's seven game winning spanking them with twenty-five hits. John Luegering smacked them for four hits, Bob Smith and Gary Zentner three; John Wood, Dave Coward, Gary Schneider, Dan Cody and John Robichaud two, with Coward launching a homerun. Luegering chased in four runs, Schneider three and Coward two. Dan Standard and Warren Uhl had two hits for Mango's with Jim Battye belting a homerun.

Standings: Island Division: Davinci's 15-4 (clinch league win); Brewery 11-8; Porky's 9-10; Nacho Mama's 8-11; Mutual of Omaha Bank 6-13. Marco Division: Mango's 11-6; CJ's on the Bay 10-7; Crazy Flamingo 10-7; Speakeasy 9-8; Joey's Pizza 9-8; Stonewalls 7-10; Rookies 4-14.


Island Division: Davinci's 15-4 (clinch league win); Brewery 11-8; Porky's 9-10; Nacho Mama's 8-11; Mutual of Omaha Bank 6-13.

Marco Division: Mango's 11-6; CJ's on the Bay 10-7; Crazy Flamingo 10-7; Speakeasy 9-8; Joey's Pizza 9-8; Stonewalls 7-10; Rookies 4-14.