Now in its second year, the Marco Island Academy swim team may not be big, but they have won at most meets in which they compete.

The three swim team members are Kasey Bersch, 12th grade, and Susan Faremouth and Lisa Cottage-Ramnick, both in the 10th grade. The three simmers meet at the Marco YMCA pool twice a day five days a week to practice with their coach, Kamal Farhat. They also crosstrain in the gym.

"They train hard every day," said Farhat, who has been the Y swim coach for 15 years. "We'll see how it goes on this Tuesday because they are strong enough to make a noise. The MIA team has a goal they want to accomplish and that goal is to make it to state, and I want to give them every opportunity to make it."

All three train for the breaststroke, butterfly stroke, freestyle and backstroke. Their goal is to win enough contests to go to the district meet.

Tuesday's meet with Lely was held at the Marco YMCA. Lely has 30 members on its swim team versus three on the MIA team. MIA's team won every event it competed in and all three girls set new school records.

Cottage-Ramnick won the individual medley in the 200 yard at 2:17.31. She also won the 100-yard breaststroke with 1:09.69.

Bersch won the 50-yard freestyle in 26.13, which will take her to regional. She also won the 100-yard freestyle in 58.13.

Faremouth won the 200 freestyle in 2:04.90.