The rainy weather caused three days of games to be cancelled, and if not for the efforts of Marco Island Parks and Recreation Department, another day of games would have been lost

In games played the Island Division had both Speakeasy and Sand Bar incur their first losses of the season; Speakeasy losing one game and Sand Bar two.

Speakeasy now holds a one game lead over Sand Bar. CJ's on the Bay holds a half game lead over the the hard-charging Stonewalls team who increased their winning streak to five games. In the Legends Division the East ended their two game losing streak.


Island Division, Jan. 26

Brewery 10 DaVinci’s 6

Brewery pulled off a come from behind win scoring five runs in the eighth inning. Jim Dorey and Mike Shone slashed four hits and Chuck Reich three in the win; while Mike Schwab and Phil Holmes drove in two runs. Tom Loiacano had three hits for DaVinci’s and Dave Manzello had two RBI.

Nacho Mama’s 18 Sand Bar 12

Nacho Mama’s lineup handed Sand Bar the team’s first loss of the season behind a 24-hit assault. Nacho’s Tom Angelo came roaring back from the Disable List with four hits; Jim Ramage and Steve Hummel had three, with Hummel and Gary Revall clocking a triple. Hummel, Angelo, and Bill Wright had three RBI; Revall, Frank Benedetti and John Toti two.

Speakeasy 13 Mutual of Omaha Bank 6

The Bank scored five runs in the first and could only manage one more through the rest of the game as Dan Moriarty shut them down after a rocky start to remain undefeated. Rich Krumholz lashed out four hits for Speakeasy; Jimmy Cuevas, Ray Kane, and Bob Grant had three. Cuevas and Krumholz whacked a triple and John Rysak launched a home run. Krumholz and Rysak had four RBI, Ray Kane two. Bill Thompson crushed a tree run home as part of his three hits for the Bank, with George Grygorcewicz and Ed Kingsbury smacking a triple.

Jan. 29

Speakeasy 18 DaVinci’s 1

Speakeasy continued the team’s undefeated streak with a 6-0 record with winning pitcher Dan Moriarty, John Rysak, and Mike Puskar leading the way with three hits. Mike Shone who walloped a home run had three RBI as did Ray Kane; Puskar, and Jerry Engel had two. Jim Williams and Dave Manzello had two runs driven in for DaVinci’s.

Mutual of Omaha Bank 14 Sand Bar 11

Jack Martin and Rick Benedetti had three hits for the Bank, with Herman Griffith mashing a triple in the win. Bill Thompson and Randy Morrison drove in three runs for the Bank; John Gross, Bill Thompson and Ed Kingsbury two. Jim George had three hits for Sand Bar, Rod Lashley hoisted a three run home run and Jeff Hultgren whacked a triple. Lashley drove in a total of four runs, and Wayne Bombaci two.

Brewery 16 Nacho Mama’s 12

The long ball was the demise of Nacho Mama’s as the Brewery jolted three home runs one each by Chris Flynn, Nick Jacullo, and Phil Holmes, while Jim Gilligan popped a triple. Holmes and Jim Dorey drilled four hits; Flynn, Flynn and John Rysak three. Gilligan and Rysak drove home three runs; Flynn, Dorey and Jacullo two. Nacho’s Pete Oellrich and Andre Paquette smacked a triple. Bob Williams accounted for three RBI, Paquette and Gary LaMotte two.

Feb. 1

Sand Bar 10 Speakeasy 7

Sand Bar handed Speakeasy it first loss of the season. It was a team effort for Sand Bar with a number of spectacular plays made in left field by Rod Lashley, Dan Dumbauld lead Sand Bar with three hits and Dan Gulick helped out by driving in three runs. Jerry Engel and Bob Grant had three hits for Speakeasy with Tom Buettner launching a two home run giving him three RBI in the game with Grant picking up two.

Marco Division

Feb. 1

Joey’s Pizza 8 Rookies 6

In an extra inning affair Joey’s pulled out the win by scoring two runs in the top of the eighth inning. Ray Niemeyer lined three hits Don Rooksberry, Jack Mateja, and Randy Wesolowski two, with Paul Burnett chasing home two runs. Pitcher Bill Kaschube limited Rookies to seven hits, Al Cenicola and Ralph Leiterding had two apiece in the loss.

CJ’s on the Bay 9 Crazy Flamingo’s 7

George Lancaster and Roger Fleming nailed three, with one of Lancaster’s being a triple, while Joe Cervelli and Joe Kruse had two hits for CJ’s. Kruse drove in three runs and Jack Mateja two. Flamingo’s Jerry Kratz, Tom Grucci, Don Schwartz, and John Ranieri had two hits. Grucci and Ranieri each had two RBI.

Stonewalls 15 Mango’s 3

Jim Green had a big day at the plate for Stonewalls helping the team win its fifth game in a row. Green lashed out four hits, and John Luegering three; Tom Purtell had two, with him and Paul Womack crunching a triple. Purtell racked up four RBI, Green three; Luegering and Don Rooksberry two. Mango’s Warren Uhl, John Robichaud and Jan Grossman had two hits, Grossman also collected two RBI.

Legends Division

Feb. 1

East 13 West 7

The East team had 20 hits in the game with Bob Beaver, Dom Fiorda, and Ron Townsend having three; Jack Stevenson, Danny O’Sullivan, Bernie Berman and Jeff Dougherty two. Don Mandetta had two hits for the West.


Island Division: Speakeasy 6-1; Sand Bar 5-2; Mutual of Omaha Bank 4-3; Brewery 3-4; Nacho Mama’s 2-5; DaVinci’s 1-6. Marco Division: CJ’s on the Bay 6-2; Stonewalls 5-2; Joey’s Pizza 4-3; Mango’s 4-4; Crazy Flamingo’s 3-4; Rookie’s 0-7. Legends: West 4-3; East 3-4