Co-Ed softball underway

Alex Galiana
Parks & Rec
  • One game saw the highly unusual triple play

The City Co-Ed Softball league got back in to action this past week at Winterberry Field.

Adam Koszo of DaVinci's makes the play on Stacy Pace of Stan's.

This year’s teams are Kretch’s, Stan’s, Speakeasy’s, Marco Island Brewery, Davinci’s and the City of Marco Island team.

Co-Ed softball teams must have an equal amount of Ladies and Men on the field at the same time.

In opening night’s first game action, Stan’s defeated newcomer Davinci’s 13 to 8, but not before Davinci’s made a run at Stan’s tying the game 8 to 8 in the top of the 6th. The game saw the highly unusual “triple play,” when Stan’s shortstop Zach Gober caught a line drive, tagged the runner who had left 2nd as she ran past him and threw to first to get the runner who had left the base.

Stan’s was led by Butch Smiths 3 hits including a HR, Lee Burgin and Cobi Harbec each had two hits.

Davinci’s was led by Sonny Grensing and Chris Heekin’s two hits.


Game two saw another newcomer to the league “the City team” face off against Speakeasy. The City team jumped out to a quick lead in the first but never really got going after that and the veteran Speakeasy team took control of the game,winning 12 to 5. Speakeasy was led by its captain Selem Lake’s 4 hits including a HR; Jazmin Swope and Joey Irigoyen added two hits each, and Shawn Everett blasted a HR over deep left center. The City team was led by Ryan Montgomery, Eric Garwood and John Harris each with two hits.

Amy Schwab of Stan's makes a play on Hilary Noyes of DaVinci's.

The last game of the night saw Kretch’s pick up where it left off last year, piling 23 runs on the Marco Island Brewery on its way to a 23 to 10 victory. Kretch’s was led by Joe Pitrone and Jenn Mendez with 4 hits each; Brooke Nelson and Nikki Prange chipped in with 3 hits each, and Janna Carpenter and Bruce Kretschmer added two apiece. The Brew Crew was led by Marc Canady’s three hits and Mike Dechaine’s two hits.

Martha Montgomery of the City team eyes a pitch.

Co-Ed softball is played every Thursday at Winterberry Field; games start at 6 p.m. Come out and watch some fun softball action.