Marco Bay Yacht Club discovers the hidden mysteries of Isles of Capri

On Jan. 27, 33 members of the Marco Bay Yacht Club ltoured the Isles of Capri.

On Jan. 27, 33 members of the Marco Bay Yacht Club led by Joel and Sherri Fitzjarrald and John Kernan had a truly unique experience as they were introduced to the Isles of Capri and some of the highlights that probably few from Marco know about.

Among the “secrets” they discovered:

Is that a waterfront McDonalds on the Isles of Capri?

The Isles of Capri were developed by “Doc” Loach starting in 1955 by connecting three existing islands with fill.  One island remains connected to the mainland by a bridge.  While tracing the route of the Capri boat parade, the flotilla saw what appeared to be a waterfront McDonalds, Venice style canals, and scores of lovely waterfront homes. And now Marco Bay Yacht Club boaters know how to reach all four of the Isles of restaurants by water.

Many of the members, including a few guests and several newer members were then taken for an escorted tour by Frank Mulligan who showed them the inside route to Naples. Following the tour, the group split up with any number going to waterside restaurants or stopping at various locations where they enjoyed lunches that they had packed.  

Social distance was maintained the entire time, and the reviews from the participants were outstanding.

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The Marco Bay Yacht Club is the oldest boating club on Marco, dating back 53 years. Membership is available to owners of motorized vessels who berth their vessel on Marco, The Isles of Capri, or Goodland, and live full or part time on Marco, The Isles, Goodland, Hammock Bay or Fiddlers Creek. For information about membership contact Membership Chair Judy Sacher (239-777-4604 or or visit our website: