Senior Softball: Parity in all three divisions

Bill Shurina
Special to the Eagle
Snook Inn’s Geoff Bentley completes a double play against Stonewalls with shortstop Chris Pickwell looking on.

Having reached the mid-point of the 2021 Senior softball season all three divisions are up for grabs.

The Dolphin Tiki holds a one game lead over the Brewery, Speakeasy and DaVinci’s in the Island Division with American Legion post holding a one game lead over Doreen’s in the Gulf Coast Division. The Marco Division has three teams tied for first Mango’s, Snook Inn and Joey’s Pizza.

Individual games scores and highlights by day follow below. For more information on the Marco Island Senior Softball League go to the league website The website is update for scores and standings at the completion play each day.

Mark Comolli of Stonewalls races home scoring a run with umpire Jack Tizio watching the action in the field.


Mango’s, 17; Sand Bar, 10

John Barrett and Jim O’Meara each had three hits for Mango’s with Warren Uhl having a triple. Teammates Paul Sullivan, Todd Whitney and Fred Pendergrass all drove in three runs, Barret and Uhl two. Sand Bar’s Charlie Lamb belted a homerun giving him three RBIs, while Mitch Eil and Tom Rensch had two.

Snook Inn, 17; Stonewalls, 13

The Snook Inn’s Geoff Bentley launched two homeruns in the game giving him five RBIs, with Randy Wesolowski getting three hits. John Cavanagh and Tom Whitlock chase in three runs and Ed Kopecky two in the win. Dick Carson hammered a homerun giving him five RBIs for Stonewalls; Jon Krebs, Ray Kane, and Nick Brooks each cracked a triple.

Joey D’s, 29; Joey’s Pizza, 17

Joey D’s did it again to Joey’s Pizza blowing open a tight ball game exploding for 10 runs in the top of the seventh inning. Joey’s D’s bats rapped out 28 hits against their cross-town rival. Bruce Donaldson and Bob Smith laced four hits apiece; Ray Niemeyer, Jim Baumann and Murph Knapke had three. Baumann and Smith cranked three-run homeruns and Steve Chasin a two-run homer. Chasin, Donaldson, Brian Maguire and John Binns each whacked a triple. Smith chased in six runs, Donaldson five, Baumann four; Chasin and Bill Shurina three, John Wood and John Binns two. Jim Dorey nailed the ball for four hits for Joey’s Pizza, with Ralph Rohena, Rob York and Jan Grossman having three. Dorey walloped three triples with Grossman having one and Joe Logisz launching a two-run homerun. York picked up five RBIs, Dorey and Logisz two.

Joey’s Pizza, 18; Sand Bar, 15

Jim Dorey continued his torrid hitting with four hits, while Dick Eddy, Ed Kingsbury, Ralph Rohena, and Joe Logisz had three for Joey’s Pizza. Kings had four RBIs, Logisz three; Dorey, Rohena and Al Cenicola two. Jerry Engel peppered four hits with Dick Folsom and Butch Coursen getting three. Engel and Alan Schneider chased in three runs, Coursen, Charlie Lamb and Pat Comerford two.

Mango’s, 18; Stonewalls, 16

Mango’s pushed across eight runs in the top of the seventh inning overcoming a four-run advantage by Stonewalls, and then held Stonewalls scoreless in the bottom of the seventh for the win. Todd Whitney and Fred Pendergrass drilled four hits while John Barrett, Tim McKenna, Warren Uhl, Jeff Dougherty and Bob Herman had three for Mango’s. Uhl and John Robichaud clocked a homerun, with McKenna, Pendergrass and Brian Bergman each having triple. McKenna and Uhl drove in four runs, Pendergrass and Dougherty three. Jim Williams had a big day for Stonewalls smacking the ball for four hits, with Pat Shannon and Tom Parker having three. Williams and Parker pounded a homerun; Dick Carson and Nick Brooks a triple. Williams, Shannon, Brooks had three RBIs, Carso, and Parker two.

Snook Inn, 25; Joey D’s, 10

The Snook Inn’s drubbing against Joey’s D’ goes down in the book as mercy game based on the 15-run differential. The Snook pounded out thirty-four. John Cavanagh and Don Schwartz stung the ball for four hits for the Snook, while Geoff Bentley, Randy Wesolowski, John Binns, Mike Arnold and Tom Whitlock had three. Bentley, Wesolowski and Whitlock walloped a homerun, with Bentley also having a triple. Bentley racked up seven RBIs, Wesolowski four; Cavanagh, Whitlock and Chris Pickwell three. Murph Knapke had three hits for Joey D’s with Steve Chasin hoisting a homerun giving him three RBIs and Knapke two.

Joey’s Pizza, 14; Snook Inn, 9

Ralph Rohena lased out four hits for Joey’s Pizza with Mario Lucca and Dick Eddy having three. Lucca and Steve Clark each walloped a homerun and Ed Kingsbury a triple. Lucca and Kingsbury chased in three runs, Eddy and Clark two. The Snook Inn had John Binns getting three hits and Chris Pickwell mashing a triple. Pickwell and Jim Battye had two RBIs.

Joey D’s, 8; Mango’s, 7

Joey D’s ended Mango’s six game winning streak behind the pitching and hitting of Steve Chasin who had three hits helping his cause. Joe Logiisz drove in three runs for Joey D’s, Jim Stewart and Bill Shurina two. Mango’s Tim McKenna and Jeff Dougherty had three hits with John Barret cracking a triple. McKenna had two RBIs in the loss.

Sand Bar, 26; Stonewalls, 16

Sand Bar pound out twenty-eight hits in their win over Stonewalls. Mike Puskar banged out five hits, Jerry Engel four, with Mitch Eil launching a homerun; Pat Comerford and Butch Coursen a triple. Eil racked up five RBIs, Jim Burroughs four, Comerford and Coursen three; Puskar, Engel, Tom Rensch, and Dick Folsom two. Dick Carson and Jon Krebs stroked four hits for Stonewalls; Tom Purtell and Rich Klein three. Krebs drove in four runs, Purtell three, Pat Shannon and Nick Brooks two.

Salty Dogs outfielder John Haskins whips the ball in from the outfield  holding the runners on base.


Doreen’s, 21; Crazy Flamingo, 6

Doreen’s took full advantage of 18 walks issued to them by Crazy Flamingo coupled by three hits each from Jerry Lenhoff and Butch Monson an a Dick DeAnna triple ending the game due to the mercy rule after five innings. Monson had five RBIs, DeAnna and Ernie Famiglietti three and Lee Dilk two. Leon Schmitt had three hits and five runs driven in for Flamingo’s.

American Legion, 20; Crazy Flamingo, 10

Fifteen walks along with three hits from Al Bozzo and Paul Burnett capped off by a homerun from Chet Dal Bianco was more the enough to give the American Legion the win. Mick Keller cracked four hits for Flamingo’s giving him and Ralph Leiterding two RBIs in the loss.

Doreen’s, 12; American Legion, 5

In an overall team effort Doreen’s ended the American Legion’s four game winning streak and evened their record to 3-3. Butch Monson was one of the catalysts smacking a homerun giving him and Bill Dauch two RBIs in the win. Don Mandetta had three hits for the American Legion.


Nacho Mama’s, 19; Salty Dog, 16

Tom DeAngelo, Nick Jacullo, and Art Sinisi had three hits for Nacho Mama’s with DeAngelo clouting a homerun and Phil Holmes a triple. DeAngelo drove in five runs, Sinisi and Dan Marinelli three, Jacullo and Holmes two. Mike Schwab and Jeff Robinson ripped four hits and Mark Whealy three for the Salty Dog. Robinson and John Haskins each smacked a homerun with Tom Gazzillo having a triple. Robinson had three RBIs, Haskins and John Gross two.

Dolphin Tiki, 22; Speakeasy, 4

The Dolphin Tiki put a whooping on Speakeasy ending the game after seven innings due to the mercy rule. Lou Marianaccio, Tom Vander Aarde, Dave Mayo, and Rod Lashley were all culprits in the mugging with three hits apiece with one of Vander Aarde hits a triple. Mayo, Frank Tedesco and Bob Williams chased in three runs; Marianaccio, Vander Aarde, Lashley and Dick Nemmers two. Winning pitcher Jim George held the Speakeasy to 10 hits.

DaVinci’s, 14; Brewery, 10

Gary Revall rapped four hits with Brian Alexander, Pete Oellrich and winning pitcher Jack O”Brien getting three. Alexander and Dave Schultz each poked a homerun in the game. Alexander was responsible for three RBIs, Revall, Oellrich, Dave Manzello and Dave Falls two. Paul Nussbaum, John Nicholas and Gary Grefer had three hits for the Brewery. Randy Sheridan and Bill Thompson had two in the loss.

Brewery, 19; Nacho Mama’s, 10

Paul Nussbaum, Steve Hummel, and Wayne Bombaci ripped four hits each as part of the Brewery’s thirty hits while Gary Grefer and Bill Novakovich had three .Novakovich drove in four runs, Grefer three; Bombaci, Bill Thompson, Bruce Winer, and Jon Wiseman two. Nacho Mama’s Pat Schillling and Bob Armstrong had three hits with Art Sinisi mashing a triple. Schilling had three RBIs and Dan Marinelli two.

Speakeasy, 26; Salty Dog, 18

Herman Griffith had a perfect day at the plate for Speakeasy going five for five, as part of thirty-eight hit pummeling by Speakeasy. Teammate Joe Lazzarotti also had five hits; Joe Rocca, Jeff Kaczka and Craig Cunningham four; George Grygorcewicz, Tom Angelo, Jimmy Cuevas, and Steve Friend three. Rocco clouted a homerun and chalked seven RBIs for the second game in a row, Steve Friend had four, Kazcka three; Lazzarotti, Angelo, Cunningham, Paul Shelton, Frank Caso, and Jimmy Cuevas two. John Haskins and John Gross line four hits for Salty Dog, two of Gross’s being triples, with Mike Schwab, Jack Tizio and Ed Caster having three hits. Gross had four RBIs, Caster and Jeff Robison three, Tizio and Mike Garofalo two.

DaVinci’s, 16; Dolphin Tiki, 12

Brian Alexander belted a grand slam homerun in the top of the ninth inning to bring back DaVinci’s from a 11-12 deficit. Key Defensive plays were made by David Falls and Dave Manzello in the bottom of the ninth to help ensure the win. Dave Schultz stroke four hits; Alexander, Dave Johnson and winning pitcher Jack O’Brien had three with Falls crunching a triple. Alexander tallied a total of five RBIs, Falls three and Jeff Robinson two. Dolphin Tiki had Dave Mayo, Don O’Connell, and Bob Williams record three hits, with Mayo and Lou Marinaccio thumping a triple. Marinaccio had four runs drive in, Mayo three and O’Connell two.

Brewery, 13; Speakeasy, 6

The top batters in the order for the Brewery; Paul Nussbaum, Dan Harrar, and Steve Hummel tagged the ball for four hits, John Nicholas and Jon Wiseman had three. Hummel and Bill Thompson chased in three runs; Harrar, Nicholas and Gary Grefer two. Eric Jeanotte nailed four hits for Speakeasy with Herman Griffith slamming a grand slam homerun and Joe Lazzarotti picking up two RBIs in the loss.

DaVinci’s, 20; Nacho Mama’s, 9

DaVinci’s extended their winning streak to five games with a twenty-five-hit assault. Mike Shone ripped four hits for DaVinci’s while Gary Revall, Dave Johnson, Brian Alexander had three. Alexander and Dave Manzello each clouted a homerun with Gary Revall thumping two triples’ Shone and Johnson each had one, Shone, Revall, Alexander and Manzello all drove in three runs. Pat Schilling and Nick Jacullo had three hits for Nacho Mama’s with Ed Seery mashing a homerun. Serry and Dan Marinelli had three RBIs apiece.

Dolphin Tiki, 17; Salty Dog, 15

Glenn Davis hit a towering three run homerun to left field in the bottom of the eighth inning which capped off a five running and led to the come from behind win for Dolphin Tiki who trailed the entire game. Teammate Dave Mayo fired off four hits, with Jim George having three. Besides Davis’s homer, Mayo Don O’Connell and Rod Lashley each belted a homerun. Mato and O’Connell had four RBIs, Davis three, Lashley and Frank Tedesco two. Salty Dog had Mike Schwab and Jack Tizio with three hits, one of Schwab’s a triple. Jeff Robinson and Tom Gazzillo had three runs driven in, Schwab and Mark Whealy two.

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  • Dolphin Tiki / 7 / 3                          

  • Brewery / 6 / 4

  • Speakeasy / 6 / 4                           

  • DaVinci’s / 6 / 4

  • Nacho Mama's / 4 / 6    

  • Salty Dog / 1 / 9

MARCO DIVISION / Wins / Losses

  • Mango’s / 6 / 3 

  • Joey’s Pizza / 6 / 3

  • Snook Inn / 6 / 3

  • Joey D’s / 4 / 5  

  • Sand Bar / 3 / 6  

  • Stonewalls / 2 / 7

GULFCOAST DIVISION / Wins / Losses    

  • American Legion / 4 / 2

  • Doreen’s / 3 / 3                              

  • Crazy Flamingo / 2 / 4