Senior Softball: Tournaments are heading to championship games

Bill Shurina
Special to the Eagle
Todd Whitney attempts the force out at second base on Joey D’s Dave Coward.

The 2021 Tournament portion of the season is rapidly concluding. In the Island Division Dolphin Tiki is undefeated and is headed to the championship game, with winner of the Brewery versus DaVinci’s game playing them.

Similarly, Mango’s has and unblemished record and is in the Marco Division Championship game against the winner of Joey D’s versus Joey Pizza.

In the Gulf Coast Division, the winner of Crazy Flamingo versus American Legion Post will play Doreen’s in the Division Tournament Championship game.

Paul Sullivan slams a lead-off homerun for Mango’s in game versus Joey D’s


Mango’s, 11; Joey D’s, 9

Mango’s manager Paul Sullivan hit a lead-off homerun as part of five run first inning. Tim McKenna had three hits with Warren Uhl also belting a homerun for Mango’s. Uhl drove in three runs, Jeff Daugherty and Brian Bergman two. Mango’s pitcher Larry Anspach tossed an eight hitter against Joey D’s with Bruce Donaldson having a solo homerun and Dave Coward a triple, Bob Smith had two RBIs for Joey D’s.

Joey’s Pizza, 15; Snook Inn, 11

Jim Dory and Dick Eddy ripped four hits each for Joey’s Pizza, with Steve Clark clocking a three-run homer. Clark had four RBIs; Dorey, Mario Lucca, and Ed Kingsbury two. The Snook Inn had John Binns and Robert Stried with three hits, one of Stried’s a solo homerun. Binns and Tom Whitlock had two RBIs.

Snook Inn, 13; Sand Bar, 5

The Snook Inn powered their way in eliminating Sand Bar from the Tournament. Robert Stried blasted a grand-slam homerun, John Cavanagh had a three-run homer and John Binns a solo shot for the Snook. Stried had five RBIs, Cavanagh four, with Binns and winning pitcher Ed Kopecky with two. Pat Comerford had a solo homerun for Sand Bar with Jerry Engel and Jim Burroughs each crushing a triple in the season finale for Sand Bar.

Joey D’s, 16; Stonewalls, 11

Joey D’s rocked Stonewalls with twenty-nine hits as Stonewalls season came tumbling down with their second loss in the tournament. Bruce Donaldson scorched the ball having four hits for Joey D’s while Steve Chasin, Jim Stewart, and Bob York had three. Donaldson and Stewart each clubbed a homerun. Donaldson chalked up five RBIs, Stewart and Brian Maguire three, and Murph Knapke two. Tom Purtell, Mark Comolli and Joe Logisz had three hits for Stonewalls, with Purtell belting a homerun as part of his three hits. Purtell had three RBIs and Jon Krebs two.

Mango’s, 18; Joey’s Pizza, 3

The game was ended after six innings by Mango’s due to the mercy rule moving them into the championship game undefeated. Mango’s John Barrett had three hits with Warren Uhl, Tim McKenna and Fred Pendergrass each clouting a homerun. Barrett, Uhl, Pendergrass and Paul Sullivan each collected three RBIs, with John Robichaud having two RBIs. Larry Anspach continued his outstanding pitching dominance over the Marco Division this season allowing Joey’s Pizza only nine hits, one being a triple by Ed Kingsbury.

Joey D’s, 15; Snook Inn, 12

Joey’s D’s had rally from a five run first inning by the Snook Inn to continue in the tournament and in the process putting the Snook on ice until next season with their second tournament loss. Dave Coward, John Wood and Dick Carson all had three hits for Joey D’s with Jim Stewart walloping a three-run homerun. Brian Maguire matched Stewart three RBIs with three of his own; Steve Chasin, Jim Baumann, and Dick Carson each had two. The Snook Inn had Geoff Bentley, Robert Stried, and Randy Wesolowski getting three hits apiece. In the first inning Wesolowski hammered a two-run homerun and John Binns a three-run blast. Manager Mike Arnold had two RBIs the season finale for the Snook Inn.

Mango’s Todd Whitney tosses the ball back to the pitcher after catching a line drive.


Crazy Flamingo, 12; American Legion, 11

Crazy Flamingo capitalized on sixteen walks issued by the American Legion along with three hits each from Ralph Leiterding and Joe Furst to eke out the win. Furst had three RBIs, Mike Corless and Rick Condle two. Joe Kruse had three hits for the American Legion, which included him tagging a homerun. Teammates Ray Zielinski and Dick DeAnna had two RBIs.

Doreen’s, 19; American Legion, 7

The 2021 Gulf Coast Division winners continued their dominance with their win over the American Legion. John Ranieri, Dick Deanna, Jerry Lenhoff, Butch Monson and Gregg Graycarek had three hits apiece. Ranieri chased in four runs, Lenhoff and Graycarek three, DeAnna and Rand Krueger two. Al Bozzo had three hits for the American Legion with Chet Dal Bianco having two RBIs.

Doreen’s, 7; Crazy Flamingo, 4

Doreen’s Bill Dauch lined three hits, while Roger Fleming chased in four runs capping off a 14-4 season for the Gulf Coast Divisional Champions. Doreen’s pitcher Dan Callahan limited Crazy Flamingo to 12 hits.


DaVinci’s, 23; Salty Dog, 8

DaVinci’s sent the Salty Dog packing with their second loss in the Tournament, a game ended by the mercy rule. Seven players had three hits for DaVinci’s; Dave Johnson, Mike Shone, Gary Revall, Brian Alexander, Dave Shultz, Dave Manzello, and Dave Falls with Chris Flynn and Tom Tankersley slamming a homerun. Alexander accounted for five runs scoring, Revall, Flynn and Dave Schott three, Falls, Tankersley and Pete Oellrich two. Mark Whealy and Jeff Robinson had two RBIs for Salty Dog.

Speakeasy, 18; Nacho Mama’s, 13

Nacho’s Mama’s jumped out to a quick lead scoring three runs in the first before Speakeasy scored five runs to take command of the game, which in turn ended Nacho Mama’s season with their second Tournament loss. Speakeasy took advantage of 10 free passes issued by Nacho’s. Craig Cunningham had three hits, with George Gryorcewicz, and Eric Jeanotte, each driving in three runs; Herman Griffith and Frank Caso two. Dan Marinelli and Nick Jacullo had three hits, with Tom Polston and Jacullo pounding a homerun. Jacullo and Bob Armstrong had three RBIs, Polston two.

Dolphin Tiki, 16; Brewery, 10

The Dolphin Tiki moved on the tournament championship game with and unblemished record. The Brewery with their first loss moved into the loser bracket. Frank Tedesco was the catalyst for the Dolphin Tiki slapping the ball for four hits, one a homerun. Lou Marinaccio and Don O’Connell had three hits with Tom Vander Aarde crushing a triple. O’Connell, Dave Mayo, Bob Williams and Jim Vitas all had two RBIs in the win. Steve Hummel had three hits for the Brewery with Paul Nussbaum banging a homerun, giving five RBIs and Dan Harrar two in the loss.

DaVinci’s, 16; Speakeasy, 9

DaVinci’s came roaring back from a 5-0 deficit closing the doors on the Speakeasy season with their second loss in the tournament. Chris had three hits for DaVinci’s one being a triple having him rack-up five RBIs in the game, Teammate Dave Shultz whacked a ripple and a homerun giving him three RBIs, with Mike Shone and Dave Schott having two RBIs. Eric Jeanotte had three hits for the Speakeasy which included him uncorking a three-run homer; George Gryorcewicz smacked a triple and had two RBIs in the season finale.

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  • DaVinci’s** / 13 / 7

  • Dolphin Tiki / 13 / 7

  • Speakeasy / 12 / 8

  • Brewery / 11 / 9

  • Nacho Mama's / 7 / 13

  • Salty Dog / 4 / 16

MARCO DIVISION / Wins / Losses

  • Mango’s* / 13 / 6

  • Snook Inn / 12 / 8

  • Joey’s Pizza / 11 / 9

  • Sand Bar / 9 / 11

  • Joey D’s / 8 / 12

  • Stonewalls / 6 / 14


  • Doreen’s ** / 14 / 4

  • American Legion / 7 / 9

  • Crazy Flamingo / 4 / 12

*Divisional Winner

**Division Winner base on tie breaker