Senior Softball: 2022 season sees expansion

Randy Wesolowski
Special to the Eagle
 John Sherwin of  Mango’s drills  the ball to left field for a base hit versus Sami’s as teammates look on from the bench.

The Marco Senior Softball League had their highest level of registrations since the league officially began in 2000, with over 240 players registering to participate in the program.

This led to another team being added to the Gulf Coast Division and brings the total number of teams in the league to 16. The league now has four teams in the Gulf Coast Division: The American Legion Post, Crazy Flamingo’s, Doreen’s,  and the Oyster Society. The Island Division has six teams: DaVinci’s, Dolphin Tiki, Nacho Mama’s, The Salty Dog, Speakeasy, and Verdi’s. The Marco Division also has six teams: Joey’s Pizza, Mango’s, Sami’s, Sand Bar, Snook Inn, and Stonewalls.

The team website has all the pertinent information about the league and is updated daily for scores and standings.

Marco Island senior softball results as of Jan. 7.

Stonewall's Lou Wolfenson is forced at second base as Snook Inn's Dick Carson attempts to complete double play.


Wednesday, Jan. 5

Stonewalls, 20; Joey’s Pizza, 7

Stonewalls erupted for 13 runs in the top of the seventh inning to break open a 7-5 ballgame in their favor at the time. The Wall amassed a total of 29 hits with Bob Claxton, Jon Krebs, Lou Wolfenson, Don Schwartz, Tom Whitlock and Larry Locks all having three hits. Claxton crushed two triples while Schwartz and Locks had one. Schwartz drove in four runs; Claxton, Whitlock and Locks three; with Krebs, Wolfenson and Jeff Hultgren driving in two. Joey Pizza’s George Lancaster and Bob Traver each smacked a triple with Traver picking up two RBIs with Bill Shurina stroking three hits in the loss.

Sand Bar, 15; Mango’s, 9                   

After trailing 4-1 after the first inning, Sand Bar scored six runs with five coming in the third inning notching their opening day win. Rob York peppered the ball for four hits,  with Kevin Smith and Jon Wiseman each hoisting a homerun. Jim Williams chased in three runs; Smith, Mike Puskar, Mitch Eil, and John Wood two. Mango’s had Warren Uhl, Steve Chasin and Brian Bergman with two RBIs.

Snook Inn, 21; Sami’s, 20

Sami’s had the Snook Inn hooked to a 15 - 6 deficit at the end four innings. The Snook then proceeded to have three consecutive five runs innings to earn the win with William Atwood responsible for the winning run scoring. Dick Eddy nailed the ball for four hits; Ed Kingsbury, Mike Arnold, John Stuart and Tom Whitlock each contributed three hits for the Snook. Eddy clocked a homerun with Stuart and John Binns smashing a triple. Eddy tallied a total of five RBI, Stuart four, Binns three, and Robert Stried two. Bobby “Baseball” Williams lashed out four hits for Sami’s, while Dave Coward, and Bruce Donaldson had three. Williams, Donaldson and Dean Leffelman each thumped a triple. Williams ended up having four RBIs, Leffelman and Geoff Bentley three, Donaldson and Doug Stang two.                                                                                  

Friday Jan. 7

Mango’s, 19; Sami’s, 10                    

Warren Uhl was a one-man wreck machine for Mango’s lining three hits, which included him belting a grand slam homerun and a triple giving him five RBI in the game. Both Paul Sullivan and Tim McKenna smacked a triple with McKenna, Ralph Rohena, Brian Bergman, and John Sherwin all getting two RBIs; Tom Tankersley had three. Doug Stang paced Sami’s with three hits and drove in three runs.

Stonewalls, 7; Snook Inn, 1

Stonewalls pitcher Lou Wolfenson limited the Snook Inn to seven hits, while Jim Dorey cracked a triple good for two RBI and more than enough for the win.

Joey’s Pizza, 21; Sand Bar, 12

The doughboys opened up a 9-3 lead behind the hitting of Mike Compton who stung the ball for four hits, which included him swatting a triple and George Giacobbi and Bob Traver with three hits. Traver pummeled the ball for two three-run homeruns  giving him seven RBIs in the game, Compton four, Mario Luca three, Giacobbi and  George Lancaster two. Tom Rensch had three hits for Sand Bar with Jerry Engel driving in two runs.


Wednesday, Jan. 5

Doreen’s, 12; Oyster Society, 5

Doreen’s spoiled the Oyster Society’s debut as the fourth team in the Gulf Coast division this season handing them a loss due to timely hitting and taking advantage of walks being issued. Frank Caso walloped a homerun for Doreen’s giving him along with teammates Jim Willert, Butch Monson, and Leroy Fishleigh two RBIs apiece in the game. Nick Brooks had three hits and three RBI’s for the Oyster Society.

Thursday, Jan. 6

Crazy Flamingo, 19; American Legion, 18

In the first extra inning game of the season Crazy Flamingo scored two runs in the bottom of the eighth inning on a hit by winning pitcher Angelo Polizzi, overcoming a one run lead taken by the American Legion in the top of the eighth. Flamingo had eighteen walks issued by the American Legion pitchers to keep them in the game coupled by three hits from Leon Schmitt and a triple whacked by Don Mandetta. Polizzi, Schmitt and Mandetta along with teammates Brian Maguire, Matt Opperman, and Dick DeAnna all had two RBI. American Legions Jerry Lenhoff pummeled the ball getting five hits, Gary Badger had four and Jeff Dougherty three. Lenhoff and Joe Furst  each slammed a homerun with Dougherty  smashing two triples. Dougherty racked up five RBIs, Lenhoff three, Badger; Alan Schneider and Rick Condle two.

Friday, Jan. 7

Doreen’s, 17; Crazy Flamingo, 13    

It was another extra inning affair for Crazy Flamingo, but this time they ended up with a loss as Doreen’s scored four runs in the top of the eight inning and held Flamingo’s scoreless in the bottom of the eighth to break the 13-13 tie after seven innings. Butch Monson drilled four hits for Doreen’s. Bruce Borden, Jim Willert, and Mick Keller had three. Ray Zielinski hoisted a solo homerun and Monson mashed a triple. Borden and Monson chased in four runs, and Leroy Fishleigh three. Brian Maguire and Mike Corless had three hits for Flamingo’s with Jim Battye whacking a triple. Maguire, Corless, Gere Krajniak, Ray Malone, and Leon Schmitt all had two RBIs.


Thursday, Jan. 6

DaVinci’s, 13; Dolphin Tiki, 12

DaVinci’s overcame a 6 -1 deficit after two innings to eke out their win, behind the three hits apiece by Gary Revall, Vito Iacovazzi, David Falls and Rick DiStasio. Revall and Iacovazzi each swatted a triple. Iavovazzi was responsible for four runs crossing home plate, Falls three, and winning pitcher Jack O’Brien two. Joe Rocco and Bill Novakovich lined three hits each for Dolphin Tiki with both picking up two RBIs in the game

Verdi’s, 9; Salty Dog, 4              

Bill Thompson lashed out four hits for Verdi’s and teammate Paul Nussbaum had three, with both driving in two runs in the win. Salty Dog’s John Nicholas ripped four hits and Jeff Kaczka smacked a triple.

Speakeasy, 11; Nacho Mama’s, 10

Speakeasy pushed across five runs in the bottom of the eighth inning, two of them including the winning run from Eric Phillips, in edging out Nacho Mama’s for a come from behind win. Mark Whealy punched out four hits while Bruce Winer and Dick Nemmers had three for Speakeasy. Winer drove in three runs; Big George Grygorcewicz, Rod Lashley and Eric Phillips two. Lou Marinaccio and Dan Marinelli had three hits for Nacho Mama’s with Marinelli, Dean Stone and Mike Galloway having two RBIs.



  • DaVinci’s / 1 / 0
  • Speakeasy / 1 / 0   
  • Verdi’s / 1 / 0
  • Dolphin Tiki / 0 / 1
  • Nacho Mama’s / 0 / 1
  • Salty Dog / 0 / 1

MARCO DIVISION / Wins / Losses

  • Stonewalls / 2 / 0
  • Joey’s Pizza / 1 / 1 
  • Mango’s / 1 / 1           
  • Sand Bar / 1 / 1                   
  • Snook Inn / 1 / 1
  • Sami’s / 0 / 2                                                              


  • Doreen’s / 2 / 0                                              
  • Crazy Flamingo / 1 / 1                       
  • American Legion / 0 / 1                                 
  • Oyster Society / 0 / 1