Senior Softball: DaVinci’s, Joey’s, Doreen’s are division leaders

Randy Wesolowski
Special to the Eagle
Salty Dog's Jeff Kaczka applies the tag at second base to Dolphin Tiki's Joe Rocco as Tom Vander Aarde backs him up.

Heading into the home stretch, the division leaders in the Marco Senior Softball League remain unchanged from last week.

DaVinci’s holds a two-game lead over Verdi’s in the Island Division, with Salty Dog three games back.

Joey’s Pizza picked up a game and now leads Mango’s by two games, and Sami’s and Stonewalls by four games in the Marco Division.

Doreen’s continues to hold a commanding four-game lead over the Oyster Society in the Gulf Coast Division.

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Nacho Mama’s Jim Cuevas flashes his speed as he legs out a base hit while DaVinci’s Jack Martin waits for the throw.


Salty Dog, 9; Dolphin Tiki, 4

In a well-played defensive battle, Salty Dog took the lead with a five-run sixth inning and held Dolphin Tiki scoreless the rest of the game to continue their winning ways. Joe Lazzarotti and Jeff Robinson led a balanced attack for the Salty Dog with three hits each, and Mike Schwab blasted a triple. Jeff Kaczka knocked in two runs. Peter Kane had three hits for the Tiki.

Verdi’s, 10; Speakeasy, 9

In another low-scoring game highlighted by great defensive plays by both teams, Verdi’s scored three runs in the top of the ninth inning to tie the game, then held Speakeasy scoreless in the bottom of the ninth to force extra innings. Verdi’s pushed across two runs in the tenth and held Speakeasy to one to claim the victory. Don O’Connell crushed a clutch triple among his three hits, and Gary Grefer also contributed three hits to lead Verdi’s. Bill Thompson knocked in two runs. Speakeasy was led by Eric Phillips and Brett Bartholomaus with three hits apiece, and Mark Whealy and Craig Cunningham who each tripled. Cunningham and Dan Harrar knocked in two runs in the loss.

DaVinci’s, 19; Nacho Mama’s, 2

DaVinci’s got back on the winning track in a big way with a convincing win over Nacho Mama’s. DaVinci’s was led by Dave Johnson and Gary Revall with four hits, Tom Polston, Jack Martin, and Dave Falls with three, and triples by Jack Tizio and Jack O’Brien. Johnson, Tizio and Mike Shone all plated three runs, and Polston, Steve Hummel, and Rick DiStasio two. DaVinci’s pitcher Jack O’Brien limited Nacho’s to seven hits.

Verdi’s, 16; Salty Dog, 10

Bill Thompson pounded the ball for three hits and knocked in five runs to lead red hot Verdi’s to their fifth consecutive victory, this one over the Salty Dog. Don O’Connell contributed three RBIs, and Mike Porreca, Tom DeAngelo, and Jim O’Toole each had two for Verdi’s. Jeff Robinson lashed out three hits and knocked in four runs, and Tom Vander Aarde tripled and had four RBIs for the Salty Dog.

DaVinci’s, 20; Dolphin Tiki, 11

Dave Johnson and Jack Martin peppered the ball for five hits, and Steve Hummel and Jack Tizio blasted home runs to lead first-place DaVinci’s to the win over the Dolphin Tiki. Tizio had four hits and Jack O’Brien added three. Tizio plated four runs, Mike Shone and Tom Polston three, and Hummel, Gary Revall, and Glenn Davis two. Joe Rocco, Frank Tedesco, and Jim George led the Tiki with three hits, one of Rocco’s a triple. Tedesco knocked in three runs, and Nick Jacullo two in the loss.

Speakeasy, 19; Nacho Mama’s, 15

Trailing by a run entering the ninth inning, Speakeasy rallied for seven runs in the top of the ninth which carried them to victory over Nacho Mama’s. Mark Whealy, George Grygorcewicz, and Dan Harrar all crushed home runs for Speakeasy. Big George also tripled, as did Steve Friend. Dave Mayo, Harrar, and Craig Cunningham had four hits, and Whealy added three. Harrar knocked in four runs, Big George three, and Mayo, Cunningham, Rod Lashley, and Artie Sinisi two. Lou Marinaccio lashed out five hits, Dan Marinelli and Dave O’Brien added three for Nacho’s. Ed Seery homered and had four RBIs, Eric Jeanotte three, and Mike Galloway two in a losing cause.

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Salty Dog's Brian Alexander lines a base hit in the game against the Dolphin Tiki.


Joey’s Pizza, 17; Sami’s, 16

Sami’s scored three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to tie the game at fourteen, but Joey’s Pizza scored three in the top of the eighth then held on for the victory. John Remhoff was the hit leader for Joey’s with four hits, followed by Geo Giacobbi, Bob Traver, and Rich Klein with three each. Giacobbi clobbered a home run and Traver a triple. Traver, George Lancaster, Mario Lucca, and Ron Irwin had two RBIs. Tom Purtell, Jim Baumann, and Geoff Bentley had three hits for Sami’s, one of Bentley’s a two-run homer. Joe Logisz also had a triple. Logisz knocked in four runs, Bentley three, and Ray Cappella two.

Mango’s, 16; Snook Inn, 10

Mango’s jumped out to a 14-0 lead and coasted to victory over the Snook Inn. Paul Sullivan led a balanced attack with three hits for Mango’s, and Tim McKenna blasted a triple. McKenna, Tom McCullough, and Greg Graycarek each had two RBIs. Howie Reitz and Ed Kingsbury had three hits each, and Dick Carson tripled for the Snook. Kingsbury knocked in six runs in a losing cause.

Stonewalls, 15; Sand Bar, 9

Stonewalls broke open a tight game with four runs in the sixth inning and added two more in the seventh to outlast the Sand Bar. Jeff Hultgren, Jon Krebs, and Lou Wolfenson led the way with three hits each for Stonewalls, and Jim Vitas crushed a triple. Vitas knocked in three runs, and Hultgren and Ralph Sieja two. John Barrett had three hits for Sand Bar, including a triple, and Jim Burroughs also had three. Burroughs plated three runs, and Barrett and Jerry Engel two.

Snook Inn, 17; Sami’s, 11

The Snook Inn scored seven runs in the eighth inning, breaking a 10-10 tie and held on for the win over Sami’s. Ed Kingsbury had three hits, Dick Eddy homered and John Cavanagh and Dick Carson tripled to lead the Snook. Randy Wesolowski knocked in three runs, and Cavanagh, Eddy, Robert Stried, and Mike Arnold each had two. Jim Baumann laced four hits for Sami’s and Mario Lucca contributed three. Baumann had three RBIs, Geoff Bentley and Dave Coward two.

Joey’s Pizza, 8; Stonewalls, 7

Joey’s Pizza pushed across the tie-breaking run in the top of the seventh inning then held Stonewalls scoreless in the bottom half to gain the victory. Bob Traver led Joey’s with three hits and two RBIs. Dave Korte and Jan Grossman also knocked in two runs for Joey’s. Jim Dorey and Jon Krebs blasted home runs for Stonewalls. Krebs had three RBIs and Dorey two.

Mango’s, 18; Sand Bar, 3

Mango’s jumped out to an early lead and never looked back in handily defeating the Sand Bar. Paul Sullivan crushed two home runs and a triple, and Tim McKenna and Tom McCullough also homered to lead Mango’s. Steve Chasin contributed four hits and Tom Tankersley three. Sully knocked in six runs, McCullough four, and Ralph Rohena and Matt Lewis two. Jon Wiseman had three hits for the Sand Bar.

Stonewalls, 13; Snook Inn, 12

Stonewalls entered the seventh inning trailing by four runs but scored six times and held Snook Inn to one to secure the victory. Larry Locks and Jim Dorey led Stonewalls with three hits, and Bob Claxton blasted a home run that turned out to be the game winner. Dorey knocked in four, Bob Hermann three, and Claxton two. John Binns had four hits for the Snook, Ed Kingsbury and William Atwood three. Kingsbury and Robert Stried homered. Kingsbury had four RBIs, Stried and Atwood two.

Sami’s, 10; Mango’s, 5

Sami’s scored nine runs in the first three innings and it proved to be more than enough to defeat Mango’s. Randy Morrison and Bob Williams led the way with three hits, and Ray Cappella and Dave Coward each homered. Cappella knocked in three runs, Coward and Doug Stang two. Paul Sullivan had three hits including a home run for Mango’s. Sully and Tom Tankersley each knocked in two in a losing cause.

Joey’s Pizza, 23; Sand Bar, 10

John Remhoff and Bob Traver each hammered a home run, and Charlie Lamb laced four hits and Geo Giacobbi three to lead first-place Joey’s Pizza to victory over the Sand Bar. Dave Korte contributed a triple, and Giacobbi, Traver, Jan Grossman, and Mike Compton knocked in four runs, Remhoff and Bill Shurina two. Jerry Engel had three hits and Kevin Smith plated four runs for the Sand Bar.

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Doreen’s, 15; American Legion, 14

Doreen’s and the American Legion were locked up in a 12-12 tie after six innings, then after the Legion scored twice in the top of the seventh, Doreen’s answered with three in the bottom of the inning to get the win. Jim Willert blasted two home runs and Frank Caso also homered to lead Doreen’s. Willert and Caso had three hits each and Willert knocked in five runs, Butch Monson, Bill Dauch, and Frank Dooley two. Gary Badger and Jeff Dougherty had three hits for the Legion, and Badger had three RBIs, Dougherty, Mark Comolli, Alan Schneider, and Joe Kruse had two.

Oyster Society, 18; Crazy Flamingo, 12

The Oyster Society scored five runs in the sixth inning to bust open a tight game and held on for the victory over the Crazy Flamingo. Gary Menzies crushed a home run, and Ed Kopecky, Nick Brooks, Paul Glynn, Bill Diamond, and Rand Krueger all had three hits for the Oyster Society. Menzies, Diamond, and John Hollerbach were responsible for three runs, Kopecky and Glynn two. Jim Battye led the Crazy Bird with four hits and Dick Deanna had three. Battye, Deanna, Mike Corliss, and Don Mandetta each knocked in two runs.

Doreen’s, 13; Crazy Flamingo, 10

Doreen’s scored five runs in the first inning and never surrendered the lead as they narrowly defeated the Crazy Flamingo. Bruce Borden laced three hits and Jim Willert blasted a home run to lead Doreen’s. Willert and Butch Monson plated three runs, and Mick Keller and Frank Dooley had two. Brian Maguire had three hits including a home run, and Don Mandetta also had three hits for Crazy Flamingo. Mandetta had three RBIs, Maguire and Dick Deanna two.

Oyster Society, 15; American Legion, 10

American Legion scored five runs in the top of the sixth inning to close the gap to one run at 10-9, but the Oyster Society answered with five runs of their own to pull away and get the win. Ed Kopecky led the way with three hits and Andy Pressler tripled for the Oyster Society. Paul Glynn knocked in three runs, Pressler, Nick Brooks, and Gary Menzies two. Alan Schneider and Jeff Dougherty lashed out three hits for the Legion, and Barry Neale plated three runs, Schneider and Dougherty two.

Oyster Society, 21; Crazy Flamingo, 17

Trailing 15-14 after six innings, the Oyster Society busted loose for seven runs in the seventh inning and held on for the win over the Crazy Flamingo. Nick Brooks had a big day for the Oyster Society with five hits including a triple and five RBIs. Ed Kopecky also had five hits, and Paul Glynn and Rand Krueger three. Krueger and Bob Smith both blasted home runs. Krueger knocked in four runs, Kopecky and Smith two. Jim Battye had four hits for the Crazy Bird, Brian Maguire, Rich Larkin, and Dick Deanna three. Deanna had four RBIs, Mike Corless three, and Larkin and Leon Schmitt two.

Doreen’s, 10; American Legion, 6

Doreen’s scored ten unanswered runs then held on for the win as a late rally by the American Legion fell short. Jim Willert and Mick Keller led Doreen’s with three hits each, one of Willert’s a booming home run. Willert, Keller, Al Cenicola, and Ray Zielinski all knocked in two runs. Dick Folsom had two RBIs for the Legion.

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  • Davinci’s / 12 / 3

  • Verdi’s / 10 / 5

  • Salty Dog / 9 / 6

  • Speakeasy / 8 / 7

  • Dolphin Tiki / 6 / 9

  • Nacho Mama's / 0 / 15

MARCO DIVISION / Wins / Losses

  • Joey’s Pizza / 12 / 4

  • Mango’s / 10 / 6

  • Sami’s / 8 / 8

  • Stonewalls / 8 / 8

  • Sand Bar / 6 / 10

  • Snook Inn / 4 / 12


  • Doreen’s / 15 / 1

  • Oyster Society / 11 / 5

  • American Legion / 4 / 11

  • Crazy Flamingo / 1 / 14