Derek Carr should probably start studying Jon Gruden's playbook now. The ESPN analyst hasn't been officially hired yet but all signs point to his return to Oakland, and, from what I can tell, Carr will need all the time he can get to pick up the new system…

CLASSIC CLIP If Gruden ends up coaching The Raiders…hopefully Carr picks up the offense faster than Simms SIMMS EXPLAINS, LINK IN BIO

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Chris Simms, the quarterback struggling to call plays in the clip, explained why he was having so much trouble

"So I'm a rookie. It's my first few days in training camp. So I had a list of plays I had to be responsible for; I didn't get the same plays Brad Johnson got, right, who was in Year 14 and had been in the offense. So Gruden, the night before, would always go like, 'Here's your 15 plays you're going to get tomorrow. Be all over them and make sure you can say them in the huddle … that [call] was not on my list."

That hardly seems fair. And Gruden doesn't even give Simms the benefit of the doubt. He's all over his young quarterback for not being able to split out a call he hadn't studied.

If you're wondering why Gruden's play-calling needs to be so complex, here's Gruden's totally inadequate explanation from his 1998 Raiders playbook:

There is a lot of words said in the huddle at times, but we need the.. We have a potful of formations and we want to use them [to]:

a) get a matchup
b) get a front
c) get a coverage or force pattern
d) Hide our key receiver
e) Let the QB See
f) Force defense to adjust. Make 'em react
g) disguise a basic play

DON'T fight it.. You can always line up in a basic set.. Have fun with it.. Move around. Attack them on every single play.

If you, for some reason, want to try your hand at learning Gruden's system, here is a link to download that 1998 playbook. Good luck to both you and Derek Carr.


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