Fishingcast: Conditions for Marco Island, Sept. 8-14

Capt. Bill Walsh


Astonishing weather at our doorstep. Unparalleled cat 5 Irma expected Saturday evening with forecast gusts here 70+ mph. Two scenarios: pre-storm-strike fishing as-a-rule is fantastic with major action both pelagic and bottom action. Things will change Saturday as the winds accelerate. Forecasts tentatively now show the initial winds emanating from the east which indicates the eye could pass to our right (favorable) to lessen storm surge; shallow depths here. Abatement of wind will show on Wednesday but waters will still be riled. Fishing quality will be minimal for a few days after. Careful on (1) open water; slow speed’ there may be submerged wooden debris (2) shallow water; radical changes on shifting depths. Chance foreign species from Keys will show in changed water pattern. Redfish will be active in cooler water; work shallow edges with shrimp.


Same message as backwater. Should clear; but rough sea conditions persisting through mid-week. Good chance mackerel, bluefish could show in the late week cleaner water in the confused water patterns.


Some moderate conditions deep but surface rough sea conditions will keep action inside until late week. As water calms may see some “displaced” action on species native to the Keys. Live bait under chum.

Large fishing boat going out for a sunset cruise in Destin, Florida