Fishingcast: Conditions for Marco Island, Sept. 15-21

Capt. Bill Walsh


Astonishing weather we mentioned last week culminated in Irma. Fishing becomes remote when survival kicks in. Warnings of submerged flotsam, developed shallow spots a reality now. If home responsibility has cleared can see a week of placid weather with a beginning of fall; 70 degree mornings, light winds, little to no rain. Tides to placid new moon strength. Water temp to circa 78-80 degrees. Redfish could well be top action this week. In reproduction cycle; big males along coastal shorelines early feeding on free-lined shrimp, live bait. All redfish on late evening incoming deeper inside on shallow edges with shrimp under popper. Black drum usually show with the reds. Work those late season sheepshead spots with shrimp to the bottom on deeper spots in good current. Snapper will stay active along downed brush edges on shrimp.


Sea conditions clear as we write. Chance with settling that pelagics appear in heavy bait Capri Barges. Work with tipped top water jigs; best early morning outgoing with tipped top water jigs under chum.


Post major hurricane action will be spotty. Key will be bait action; if bait holds on spots during storm will be quick recovery to good pelagic as well as bottom action. Pelagics (kings, cobia) up top on live bait. Bottom action sharks.

Large fishing boat going out for a sunset cruise in Destin, Florida