Fishingcast: Conditions for Marco Island, Sept. 22-28

Capt. Bill Walsh


Post Irma conditions prevail. Concentration now on home, business restoration. Scant fishing activity. Waterborne dangers (i.e. submerged flotsam) new shallows evident. Good chance fishing activity restored this week. Weather favorable, light winds, few scattered p.m. storms. Tides off new moon moderate. Water temp climbing; expect 84/85 by week end. Limited fish kill subsiding. Good chance redfish will resurge activity. Work known habitats (i.e. Marco River  circa #R24, Johnson Bay creeks, Upper Addison (high tide) shallow edges, Henderson Creek flats. Best will be on full tides early afternoon. Chance bait will draw pelagics in all three passes; Try incoming mid-morning working tipped jigs on drift. Mangrove snapper will still be there along the shoreline edges taking whole shrimp worked tight to the shaded mangrove overhangs at full tide periods.


Water will be clear here and the sea conditions will be favorable. Never know what you’ll find after the disruptive storm. Best: find bait of structure and work live bait (threads, pinfish) under chum, work tipped weighted jigs to bottom. You just never know.


Storm upheaval evident here. Reports of major losses of tripletail evident. Might try medium depth wrecks with tipped weighted jigs under chum while keeping a major bait circa the bottom for displaced Keys species.

Large fishing boat going out for a sunset cruise in Destin, Florida