Fishingcast: Conditions for Southwest Florida, June 1-7

Capt. Bill Walsh

Alberto effects waning. Residual impact of fresh water intrusion on salinity. Only intermittent rain, wind moderate. Water temps climb back circa 80. Tides mild both ways.

Sunset fishing in the Everglades.



  • Backwater: Snapper action rebounds quickly; work good current spots, Johnson and Rookery. Snook action iffy, salinity level? Clean water at week’s end; pompano Capri, Hurricane.
  • Nearshore: Slight chance tarpon, west edge Capri Channel; incoming. Snook; first light Kice east edges, pilchards post shower. Snapper, southeast corner. Five Mile, jigs under chum
  • Offshore: Restored conditions midweek; snapper and mackerel, mid-range reefs; weighted tipped jigs, under chum. Deep wrecks, holding bait for migrating pelagics, kings, cobia on live bait.


  • Backwater: With salinity uncertainty, snapper best target; ICW mangrove edges, shrimp. Chance redfish Dollar bay creeks; mid a.m. incoming, live bait. Hurricane Pass, if clean water, pompano; first hour a.m. incoming.
  • Nearshore: Lane, mangrove snapper, east edges Gordon Five; tipped jigs under chum. Mackerel et al; Gordon to Pier, tipped jigs on troll.
  • Offshore: Yellowtail snapper, mid-range wrecks with bait; freeline chum bits into slick, bail open. Permit on towers southwest, incoming, small crabs in light chum.


  • Backwater: Lingering red tide, med to high level, Estero. Circa east of Big Hickory channel; drop offs, trout, pompano, snapper, on shrimp. Redfish, Mound Key oyster bars, shrimp, top of tide. Blacktip sharks; Carlos, New channels, live bait.
  • Nearshore: Snook off beaches, Wiggins to Lovers; pilchards post shower. Pelagics, 20-30,’ east edges MAY complex, tipped jigs over chum. Pompano, beach edges; north of New Pass.
  • Offshore: Pelagics on migration north; Kings; cobia; permit; mid-range wrecks with bait; incoming tide, on live bait under chum; 60-65’ hard bottom with live pinfish; on live bait to bottom for red grouper et al.