Alberto effects waning. Residual impact of fresh water intrusion on salinity. Only intermittent rain, wind moderate. Water temps climb back circa 80. Tides mild both ways.



  • Backwater: Snapper action rebounds quickly; work good current spots, Johnson and Rookery. Snook action iffy, salinity level? Clean water at week’s end; pompano Capri, Hurricane.
  • Nearshore: Slight chance tarpon, west edge Capri Channel; incoming. Snook; first light Kice east edges, pilchards post shower. Snapper, southeast corner. Five Mile, jigs under chum
  • Offshore: Restored conditions midweek; snapper and mackerel, mid-range reefs; weighted tipped jigs, under chum. Deep wrecks, holding bait for migrating pelagics, kings, cobia on live bait.


  • Backwater: With salinity uncertainty, snapper best target; ICW mangrove edges, shrimp. Chance redfish Dollar bay creeks; mid a.m. incoming, live bait. Hurricane Pass, if clean water, pompano; first hour a.m. incoming.
  • Nearshore: Lane, mangrove snapper, east edges Gordon Five; tipped jigs under chum. Mackerel et al; Gordon to Pier, tipped jigs on troll.
  • Offshore: Yellowtail snapper, mid-range wrecks with bait; freeline chum bits into slick, bail open. Permit on towers southwest, incoming, small crabs in light chum.


  • Backwater: Lingering red tide, med to high level, Estero. Circa east of Big Hickory channel; drop offs, trout, pompano, snapper, on shrimp. Redfish, Mound Key oyster bars, shrimp, top of tide. Blacktip sharks; Carlos, New channels, live bait.
  • Nearshore: Snook off beaches, Wiggins to Lovers; pilchards post shower. Pelagics, 20-30,’ east edges MAY complex, tipped jigs over chum. Pompano, beach edges; north of New Pass.
  • Offshore: Pelagics on migration north; Kings; cobia; permit; mid-range wrecks with bait; incoming tide, on live bait under chum; 60-65’ hard bottom with live pinfish; on live bait to bottom for red grouper et al.