Marco ‘Senior Softball’ begins 20th season

Bill Shurina
Special to the Eagle

The Marco Island Men’s Senior Softball League kicked off their 20th season this week. The league started with two teams in 2000 with Winn Dixie and Publix. It has now grown to 15 teams comprised of three divisions; the Gulf Coast, Island and Marco Division divisions with over two hundred members.

Among the members from the inaugural season that are still actively playing are Al Bozzo, Jerry Cnudde, Dom Fiorda and Leroy Fishleigh.

Softball - First base

Games are played Monday through Friday each week with three to four games scheduled per day. The league website has all the pertinent information on the league, including team roster, schedules, with game results updated daily.

Results follow, as of Jan. 9.  


Mutual of Omaha Bank, 24; Crazy Flamingo’s, 13

The Bank peppered Flamingo’s with 28 hits in the league opener of the 2019 season. Tom Purtell and Robert Stried stroked the ball for four hits; Ray Niemeyer and Nick Brooks had three. Brooks and Rob Mann chased in four runs; Purtell, Niemeyer and Steve Friend, who walloped a tripled, had three RBI with Tom Loiacono and Larry Anspach picking up two. Flamingo’s Joe Kruse had a triple as part of his three hits. Teammates Mario Lucca had four RBI, George Lancaster and Don Rooksberry had two.

Stonewalls, 11; Snook Inn, 6

A six run fifth inning by Stonewalls broke open a 5-4 ball game in which stonewalls was leading. Newcomer to the league Steve Hemberger drove in four runs for Stonewalls; Joe Logisz crushed a triple and gave him three RBI in the win with Pat Shannon having two RBI. Bob Levasseur ripped three hits for the Snook Inn with Chet Dal Bianco and John Cavanagh having two RBI apiece in the loss.

Joey’s Pizza, 17; Mango’s, 11

The Pizza boys were trialing 10-11 when they scored seven runs in their last at bats in the top of the seventh for the win. Ralph Rohena had three hits in his league debut with winning pitcher Ron Irwin, Nick Brooks, and Dave Coward driving in three runs; Tom McCullough and John Sherwin two. Mango’s had two of their league “rookies” Bruce Winer and Glen Davis along with Warren Uhl stroke three hits with one of Uhl’s being a triple. Davis and Uhl had three RBI, Tom Parker two.


Doreen’s, 13; Moose Lodge, 9      

Two five run innings by Doreen’s in the game was more than the Moose could overcome. Rick Condle launched a grand slam homer for Doreen’s giving him four RBI, pitcher Angelo Polizzi help himself by banging a triple and had two RBI along with Butch Monson. Jerry Kratz and Frank Flint nailed three hits for the Moose.  One of Kratz’s hits was a home run while teammate Don Mandetta hammered two homers. Mandetta totaled four RBI in the game and Kratz two.


Salty Dog, 22; Speakeasy, 7              

It was an ominous start to the 2019 season for last year’s Island Division Champions Speakeasy having the game called due to the mercy rule of a 15 run differential after seven innings. The Salty Dog had four five run innings lead by Pete Oellrich smoking the ball for four hits; Bill Wright, Ed Caster, and Paul Shelton three. Caster had three RBI; Wright, Jim Ramage and Mike Schwab two. Dean Stone and Ray Kane each cracked a triple for Speakeasy with Stone driving in two runs.

DaVinci’s, 18; Sand Bar, 17

The game went into extra innings with DaVinci’s holding off an eleventh inning attempt by Sand Bar earning the win. Gary Revall, Dan Gulick, Art Sinisi, Chuck Reich and Chris Flynn all had three hits for DaVinci’s, Gulick had four runs driven, Nick Jacullo three; Flynn and Don O’Connell two. Lou Marinaccio, Dave Roeske, Gary Grefer, Bill Miller and Jim Kornas all drilled four hits; Bob Traver, Grady Fuller and Jack O’Brien had three for Sand Bar. Grefer had three RBI and Roeske two.

Nacho Mama’s, 19; Brewery, 10

Nacho’s had Jeff Kaczka, Big George Gryorcewicz and John Remhoff with three hits lead the assault on the Brewery. Remhoff who clouted a homerun as part of his three hits tallied five RBI, Gryorcewicz and John Haskins three with Mike Garofalo and Tom Tankersley having two. Kaczka smacked a triple as one of his hits. Joe Rocco had three hits for the Brewery with Rick Krumholz and John Gross launching a homerun with Krumholz having three RBI.


  • DaVinci’s / 1 / 0
  • Nacho Mama's / 1 / 0
  • Salty Dog / 1 / 0                                                      
  • Brewery / 0 / 1
  • Sand Bar / 0 / 1          
  • Speakeasy / 0 / 1                   


  • Joey’s Pizza / 1 / 0     
  • Mutual of Omaha Bank / 1 / 0
  • Stonewalls 1 / 0
  • Crazy Flamingo’s / 0 / 1       
  • Mango’s / 0 / 1   
  • Snook Inn / 0 / 1

GULF COAST DIVISION STANDINGS / Wins / Loses                      

  • Doreen’s / 1 / 0
  • Moose Lodge / 0 / 1
  • American Legion / 0 / 0