Senior Softball: American Legion, DaVinci and Mango’s on top

Bill Shurina
Special to the Eagle

As the season approaches its midpoint the American Legion Post and DaVinci's only have one loss and Mango’s has two.

DaVinci’s has a commanding three and a half game lead in the Island Division, The American Legion Post a two-game advantage in the Gulf Coast, and Mango's a half game in the Marco Division.

Salty Dog outfielder Bill Novakovich throws ball back to infield after making a put out against Sand Bar.

This week saw play limited due to needed maintenance to Winter Park. Make up games are being addressed and we will be updating the game schedules in the next few days.

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Stonewalls, 17; Crazy Flamingo’s, 2

The game was called after six innings due to the mercy rule. Stonewalls’ pelted Flamingo’s with 21 hits. Winning pitcher Lou Wolfenson peppered four of them with Pat Shannon and Don Schwartz having three, one of Schwartz’s a triple. Shannon clouted a homerun and had three RBI, Tom Grucci and Ray Zielinski two.  Crazy Flamingo’s could only muster nine hits against Wolfenson.

Mango’s, 17; Mutual of Omaha Bank, 4

Glen Davis slammed two homeruns and Bruce Winer one in Mango’s whooping of the Bank. Winer and Warren Uhl had three hits with one of Uhl’s a triple. Davis chalked up four RBI; Uhl, Paul Sullivan, John Robichaud, and Todd Whitney two. Ray Niemeyer had three hits and Rob Mann a triple for the Bank.    

Snook Inn, 11; Joey’s Pizza, 8

John Barrett and Fred Pendergrass had three hits each for the Snook Inn. Barrett, Brian Maguire and Paul Vorwick drove in two runs in the win.  Pitcher Steve Chasin held Joey’s to 10 hits.                                 

Snook Inn, 19; Crazy Flamingo’s, 17

The Snook Inn scored nine runs in the top of the seventh, coming from behind to defeat Crazy Flamingo’s. Randy Wesolowski nailed four hits for the Snook, Fred Pendergrass and winning pitcher Steve Chasin three. Wesolowski and Chasin had four RBI, John Cavanagh three and Jim Battye two. Mario Lucca, Jerry Cnudde, Dick Carson, and Joe Kruse all had three hits for Flamingo’s. Lucca tagged the ball for a triple and George Lancaster a homerun. Lancaster drove in four runs; Joe Cervelli, Jim Green and AL Cenicola two.

Mango’s, 28; Stonewalls, 16

Mango’s blew open a close game when they scored 10 runs in their last at bat against Stonewalls. Warren Uhl smoked the ball for five hits, Ed Kopecky had four, and Glen Davis three for Mango’s. Davis smacked a homerun and Paul Sullivan a triple. Davis amassed five RBI, Uhl and John Robichaud had four, Sullivan and Jim Yount three; while Kopecky, Jeff Doughtery and Todd Whitney had two. Stonewalls had Joe Logisz pepper four hits with Dave Droddy, Gary Swink and Tom Grucci having three. Logisz drove in four runs, Pat Shannon and Don Schwartz three and Gary Swink two.


Doreen’s, 18; Moose Lodge, 5

Rick Condle and Bill Moors fired off three hits apiece for Doreen’s in taking down the Moose Lodge. Moors and Mick Keller had two RBI, Paul Burnett three. The Moose had Jerry Kratz and Gary Badger with three hits while Dan O’Sullivan drove in two runs.


Sand Bar, 22; Salty Dog, 7

Sand Bar pummeled 30 hits against the Salty Dog invoking the mercy rule. Jon Wiseman and Bill Miller smacked four hits; Lou Marinaccio, Bob Traver and Wayne Bombaci had three. Bombaci walloped a homerun and accumulated six RBI, Traver and Gary Grefer three; Miller, Ed Kingsbury and Grady Fuller two. Mike Schwab had three and Tom Gazzillo three RBI for the Salty Dog.

Speakeasy, 20; Nacho Mama’s, 3

Speakeasy handed Nacho Mama’s their second consecutive mercy game loss with a twenty-nine hit assault. Mike Shone drilled five hits; Rod Lashley, Ray Kane, and Bob Grant had four; Dean Stone and Joe Lazzarotti three. Shone clubbed a homerun while Lashley and Stone crushed a triple. Lashley was responsible for five runs being scored, Shone four and Stone three. Rick DiStasio had two RBI as Speakeasy pitcher Bruce Chambers limited Nacho’s to eight hits.

Joe Barry is ready to unload on the pitch for a base hit versus the Snook Inn.

DaVinci’s, 12; Brewery, 10               

Chris Flynn, Dan Gulick, and winning pitcher Art Sinisi had three hits in the hotly contested game against the Brewery. Gulick, Dan O’Connell, Dan Harrar, and Phil Holmes each had two RBI. Jim Vitas had three hits for the Brewery with Rich Krumholz and Dan Dumbauld tagging a triple. Krumholz drove home two runs in the loss.

Brewery, 20; Speakeasy, 13

John Gross slashed four with Dave Johnson, Herman Griffith, Joe Rocco, and Jim Vitas having three for the Brewery.  Jim Stewart chased in four runs, Rocco three; Griffith, Gross, Vitas, and Jimmy Cuevas two. Speakeasy had Mike Shone, Dean Stone, Jim Gilligan, and Mitch Eil with three hits. Teammates Frank Tedesco, Joe Lazzarotti and Jeff Hultgren each drove in two runs.

DaVinci’s, 29; Salty Dog, 13

DaVinci’s lineup continued to pulverize the opposition’s pitching this time with thirty-five hits in a game called due to the mercy rule over the Salty Dog. Chris Flynn and Don O’Connell drilled five hits, Gary Revall four; Dan Harrar, Art Sinisi, Dave Schott and Chuck Reich three. Both O’Connell and Harrar thumped a triple giving Harrar seven RBI, O’Connell and Revall five, Nick Jacullo three; Flynn, Sinisi, Schott and Dan Gulick two. Bill Wright, Tom Polston, and Jim Ramage had three hits for the Salty Dog with Tom Gazzillo smacking a triple. John Rysak drove in three runs; Gazzillo, Mike Schwab, Bill Thompson, and Bill Novakovich.

Nacho Mama’s, 16; Sand Bar, 13

Nacho’s was able to hold off a ninth inning rally by the Sand Bar, who scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth, for the win.  Big George Grygorcewicz stung the ball for fours hits, John Haskins and Tom Tankersley had three.  Steve Hummel clobbered a home run and Grygorcewicz a triple giving them and Haskins, Mike Puskar and Bill Shurina two RBI. Sand Bar saw Jon Wiseman and Lou Marinaccio pick up three hits with Marinaccio ripping a triple giving him two RBI in the game.

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DaVinci’s / 9 / 1

Brewery / 5 / 4

Salty Dog / 3 / 6

Speakeasy / 4 / 5

Nacho Mama's / 4 / 6

Sand Bar / 3 / 6


Mango’s / 7 / 2   

Joey’s Pizza / 5 / 3     

Mutual of Omaha Bank / 5 / 3

Stonewalls / 5 / 4

Snook Inn / 3 / 6

Crazy Flamingo’s / 1 / 8                           


American Legion / 4 / 1

Doreen’s / 2 / 3

Moose Lodge / 2 / 4