Over 200 attend educational ‘Discover Tigertail’ day

Friends of Tigertail’s "Discover Tigertail" event held on Saturday, Feb. 23. Above: Alyssa Brunner from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida displays creatures netted in the lagoon.

Do you know Florida's state shell, how many gallons of water and fish a pelican can hold in its pouch, or what creatures live in the water of the lagoon? All of these and many other questions were answered at the Friends of Tigertail’s "Discover Tigertail" event held on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Family-friendly Discover Tigertail was enjoyed by 213 participants this year, who all came away with increased knowledge about the many treasures of this unique area.

Judy Morgan describes plant species at the beach.

Twelve separate stations were manned by experts in fields such as turtles, tortoises, butterflies, shells, plants, birds, wildlife recovery, gulf and canal water and fishery maintenance. Young children enjoyed decorating beach pails which they used to collect souvenirs at the booths, while older children delighted in using a seine net to uncover creatures living in the lagoon.

Adults completed a "question quest", receiving a prize after gaining information at each station.  The Friends group is fortunate that so many volunteers were able to give their time and expertise making this event educational as well as fun.

Lorraine Keen at the welcome table.

Friends of Tigertail is committed to preserving the beach as well as educating the public about the natural resources of the area. Their next activity is a beach clean-up on April 18.

For information about the group and their activities, visit their website at http://www.FriendsofTigertail.com or their Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/FriendsofTigertailBeach.