Clubhouse competitor: Twitter launches rival audio chat rooms feature Spaces on Android

Twitter is opening its live audio chat room, called Spaces, for Android users beginning Wednesday.

Spaces is similar in functionality to the invitation-only audio app Clubhouse, which allows users to gather with one person or a group for live conversations.

All Android users can now join and talk in any audio chat room on Spaces and will "soon" be able to create their own, according to a tweet by Spaces.

Spaces are public and anyone can join as a listener. Hosts have control over who can speak in the chat room, with a maximum of 10 people speaking at the same time. Hosts can also select who can join a Space with speaking privileges. 

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Twitter says Spaces are for "small and intimate conversations" or "big discussions."

While setting up a Space, you can select who can join with speaking privileges by choosing from "Everyone", "People you follow," or "Only people you invite to speak," which allows hosts to send DM invites.

Twitter users will see Spaces appear in their followers’ Fleets (think 24-hour stories à la Snapchat or Instagram), and each Space can be shared through a public link.

In December, Twitter announced Spaces' beta launch for iPhone, which allows anyone on iOS to join a Space, but only lets a select group create Spaces.

"We will expand the list of people who can create Spaces over time," reads the About page for Spaces. 

Twitter is quickly rolling out new features for Spaces, including scheduling options and co-host and moderator options

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