A woman was escorted off a Frontier flight from Atlanta to Denver. She got upset that her bag didn't fit in the overhead bin, threatened a flight attendant and then grabbed the cell phone of a passenger who caught the scene on camera. VPC

In case you missed this video from the past week, a Frontier Airlines passenger was booted off an Atlanta-to-Denver flight for becoming unruly when she couldn't fit her bag into an overhead bin.

KUSA 9: Caught on camera: Woman escorted off Frontier flight to Denver from Atlanta

That's according Denver TV station KUSA 9, which reports the woman "hoisted the bag over her head and threatened a flight attendant" as she struggled with the bag. That led to a confrontation with Frontier attendants, a situation that worsened when the woman noticed another passenger on the flight filming her outburst.

The woman then stormed over to the man and grabbed his phone, throwing it to the back of the plane. That part of the incident was captured on video – at least up until the point that the woman hurled the phone across the aircraft.

The unidentified woman was escorted off the plane, according to KUSA.

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