A Delta Air Lines passenger apparently created quite a scene Wednesday night, both on her flight and on arrival to Los Angeles, according to West Coast media reports.

Los Angeles airport police detained the "kicking, screaming" 32-year-old woman at LAX Wednesday night after she allegedly assaulted Delta flight attendants on her flight and then an officer at the airport, the Los Angeles Times reports.

ARCHIVES: Feds: Drunk honeymooner assaulted Delta flight attendant (June 2014)

Police tell the Times the incident began when the woman became "belligerent" toward the crew on Delta Flight 17 from Atlanta to LAX. Authorities say alcohol appeared to be a contributing factor.

According to the account from police, Delta crew members restrained the woman for the last 45 minutes of the flight. Police and the FBI were called to Terminal 6 to detain the woman, who then allegedly assaulted an officer as she was being taken into custody.

The Times says the North Carolina woman was being held overnight Wednesday "on suspicion of the battery on a police officer and being drunk in public."

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