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A Delta passenger is criticizing the airline for not compensating her enough for damaging "priceless and highly treasured" family heirlooms stored in her luggage. 

Katelyn Peters, 20, shared a series of photos and posts to her sister's Twitter account Thursday that show her suitcase looking like it had been "through the shredder."

Inside, she wrote, was a pair of custom beaded moccasins made in the early 1900s.

Returning to Canada from New Mexico, Peters had planned to carry on her luggage but was told by airline representatives at the airport she needed to check it. Packed inside were a pair of custom beaded moccasins made in the early 1900s that were "given to me in trust to represent my family and where we are from." They were "destroyed" inside the suitcase. 

"I literally cried for days," she tweeted.

Peters told customer service that the monetary value of her damaged belongings (which also included an "heirloom belt," "heirloom top" and makeup) came to just over $2,600. The airline initially responded that, because she was "unable to provide a receipt or bank statement to substantiate the original purchases," they could only offer about $530. 

After she shared the post, Delta responded that it could further review the complaint. Over a direct message exchange Friday, a representative said the claim had been sent to a supervisor to be reviewed. 

In a statement to USA TODAY, Delta apologized to Peters "for the damage to her luggage and its contents." The airline said it will review the case to prevent similar situations in the future.

"We've reached out to her directly to try to make this right," Delta representative Adrian Gee wrote in an email to USA TODAY.

Peters told USA TODAY that she has been in contact with Delta and they have "yet to finalize any agreement regarding compensation." 

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